Friday, December 31, 2010

A Bit Of A Floorboard Rattler: This was one of those 'one-hit-wonders' which, I believe, Mrs. B bought the 12" single.
Having forgotten about it, (some may say that is the best thing which could be done with it), Austrian dart player, Mensur Suljovic, uses it as his walk-on music on the Sky PDC darts on TV just now.
It's a typical, bouncy, Euro-hit, (and the video is, typically, dreadful), but the drumming on that 12" single, although a very basic beat, used to amuse me, as it proved the capacity and density of the vinyl 12" single for volume by being so loud and up-front in the production, that they rattled the floorboards.
For those who never have, listen to the 12" version of the 'Overkill' single, which has a very similar effect.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thunder In A Bottle: Although at their formative stages with no cover illustration as yet, my latest novel has appeared on in America, and
But I have a bug, and don't feel like doing much more today.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Whilst Inebriations: late rising, and no knowledge of the date or time during our holiday season is the norm, please be aware that the Classic Rock Motorhead Fan Pack is only available on the streets for One Month.
Yes, there will be the inevitable collector's market forever and a day, and some were pre-selling it on EBay for £24-99 + postage; but why pay £10 over the odds? That £10 will look far better in your account than theirs, and January is the longest, and most crippling, pay day of the year.
So, to avoid being ripped off blind, if you haven't done so already, get your copy now rather than paying inflated prices later.
It will be taken off-sale on January 15th 2011.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Local 'Daily Echo': Included a short letter last week, saying "with the weather icy as it is, I don't hear anyone saying 'global warming' at the moment."
A reply was printed; "Despite being on the same latitude as Canada, Russia, and Iceland, the UK was always enjoyed a warmer climate due to the Gulf Stream. Now that we have global warming, and the ice caps are melting, this has cooled the Gulf Stream, and as a result the UK is suffering far colder conditions."
This is understandable.
But the High Pressure we now have brings clear skies and colder nights, the northerly or easterly breeze keeps the temperatures down. Were we in May, June, or July etc; we would be in the middle of a scorching heat wave.
Low pressure gives us rain.
So when a Low comes in from the south-west, how will it be affected by global warming and the Gulf Stream?
Classic Rock Motorhead 'The World Is Yours' Fan Pack: Collector's as we are, there are 3 different versions available - with a pin badge, with a patch, and with a poster.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Buddy, Eric: also found this -
Lem's reason for liking JD is the same for liking his Marlboro's. He smokes 'em because you can buy them in EVERY country in the world.
If a smoker keeps changing cigarettes, it resuts in a sore throat. So the vocalist for Motorhead couldn't suffer that or there would be cancelled gigs all over the place.
There is always logic to Lem's life.
But It's 'Lemmy The Movie': Phil, Not 'Motorhead The Movie.'
Phil's comments on 'Lemmy The Movie' are quite natural, and as I walked from the cinema to get the tube back home, I felt much the same. But then, I realised, it's all about Lemmy and HIS life, NOT Motorhead and THEIR life as a band, and then the whole idea and concept of what Greg and Wes had tried to do settled within.
But I must say that the fact that Greg and Wes are American's, and thereby do not have the depth of knowledge about early Lemmy and, indeed, early Motorhead, was noticeable.
But hey, how many people as old as me and with my depth of knowledge about Lemmy and Motorhead are going to watch it?
Not many.
We are like dinosaurs, and are gradually becoming extinct.
If you are expecting 'Lemmy The Movie' to be anything like the 'Live Fast, Die Old' TV documentary, then you will be disappointed.
Best to just view and enjoy with an open mind.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Classic Rock 'The World Is Yours' Fan Pack: If any overseas MHB's needs a copy of this knockout magazine and the new album, (like, all of you!), it is available from the link on the main page on where you will find it can be sent to your address in - the UK, Europe, the USA, and The Rest Of The World; with absolute ease.
Don't delay, click today, or you will wish you had in a years' time.
Motorhead - 'Rock In Rio 2010' DVD: MHB 2772 Norman Dietrich has sent this info about this DVD:- Recorded live at Rock in Rio, Lisbon,Portugal, May 30, 2010 Run Time: 64 Minutes. Tracklisting: 01 Iron First 02 Stay Clean 03 Be My Baby 04 Rock Out 05 Metropolis 06 Over The Top 07 One Night Stand 08 The Thousand Names Of God 09 Cradle To The Grave 10 In The Name Of Tragedy 11 Going To Brazil 12 Killed By Death 13 Ace Of Spades 14 Overkill ...merry christmas and a happy new year you,your wife, your friends... and all motörheadbangers worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with kind regards norman (mhb2772)
Fnaarrgghh!! What a great way to get Cradle To The Grave, eh!
So there you go, and there he went...mine is on order...

My Classic Rock fan pack has arrived at last!!! Damn the snow!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The World Is Yours 2011 Tour Dates: America, South America, Australia.
Read 'em and weep, or go there for a holiday...
A Powerful & Beautiful Duet / Ballad:
which a lot of Motorhead fans haven't heard...
One Of Those Songs: which as soon as you hear the first few chords, it uplifts your soul and makes you feel great!

Monday, December 20, 2010

'Classic Rock The World Is Yours Magazine / Album Fan Pack': If anyone overseas needs this collectors' piece, there are copies available on EBay, so please order from there.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sounds: With his life-long penchant for horny women in rock, my good buddy, Eric, found this band, who seem to be on the up.
If you like Blondie, The Runaways, etc; they are well worth a look / listen, and there are plenty of other songs to view on the right hand listings.
Did You Know?: The 'Wolf In Sheeps' Clothing' fan club CD's have been reduced by £3 to clear. Order now from the link on the website, please, if you're interested. Not many left, and once they're gone etc...
The fanzine's usually go out of print, but FZ 87, the all-colour 'Anniversary Issue' was over-printed as collector's pieces to anyone who needs one. Long-time MHB's will have a copy, of course, but newer fans might like it as a back issue. If you need a copy, use my email address to pay £2-50 (wherever you live it's the same price), into the Pay Pal account, and note that's what you're after.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

MOTORHEAD WINE: Well, we can get Motorhead shoelaces, plectrums, shot glasses, and a couple of tours ago Motorhead thong / g-string's were on sale from the t-shirt stand.
But Motorhead wine?
Well, indeed, yes...
And it appears to be pretty good stuff as it's selling out everywhere.
What a jolly good idea, eh!
No doubt Chateau Kilmister-Campbell-Dee is an excellent vintage.

Friday, December 17, 2010

'Born To Raise Hell': with Doro & Nina C Alice at the Berlin show.
'The World Is Yours' In Silver Vinyl: 'The World Is Yours' Motorhead album has to be their most confusing to date. Copies of the Australian release are for sale on EBay, and Klaus Fabry in Germany tells me he has also bought the standard release of the album, (out here in the UK on February 8th), from his usual high street retailers. This makes sense on Klaus' part, as it ties in with the tour dates in Germany, but of course, the album, whether it be the Australian or the German release, doesn't have the DVD promised for the UK.
And then 'Motorkent, MHB Kent Age Julnes, over there in Norway, has the CD and the silver vinyl LP release, (mentioned here in a previous Motorblog), which makes everything even crazier, as presumably the vinyl will be released in the UK with the CD of the album (and DVD), in February?
It's a bit like Kenny Everett doing his bowler-hatted 'Confused from Ipswich' comedy sketch. But as long as we get the various releases of the album we are after, eventually, I guess that's all that matters.
Classic Rock: Despite many of you emailing to say your Motorhead edition with 'The World Is Yours' album has arrived, mine is still in transit.
On Tuesday, I think, Paddy Campbell over there in Drogheda, mailed to say his had arrived. As you may remember, Amazon seemed to get their knickers in a twist by telling us it wouldn't be out until January, and the general consensus thought they mixed up the Classic Rock thing with the album release.
So, as cocky as a rat with a gold tooth, I cancelled Amazon, and ordered from HMV, who were supplying it post free, a bit of a bonus. But after hearing from Paddy and looking at my HMV order, which told me they were 'awaiting stock,' I cancelled it, and ordered again from Amazon. It is now on its way.
Nothing so complicated, however, for the Classic Rock Jimi Hendrix special edition, sporting a documentary DVD narrated by Slash. For this, I found it on Amazon, clicked to buy, and it's on its way. I think this is a DVD of the recent doc shown on BBC4, and if so, will be well worth having, thank you very much.
And speaking of BBC4, their 'Britannia' series of doc's is continuing this evening with 'Festival Britannia,' so be prepared for an excellent hour or so, along with interviews with our good buddy, Mick Farren.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cards: Thanks to all MHB's and friends for Xmas cards sent. As mentioned on page 3 of the December fanzine, I have to use the fanzine as my card to you.
As you can imagine, one card from you to me is great, but for the past 3 or 4 years around 400 to 500 have been received here, and it costs an arm and a leg to return the favour. Yes, I can get cheap-shit cards to send back, but that's an insult, but regardless of the cost of the cards, the postage would be around £200, which neither I nor the funds can afford.
So, as a second shout to the fanzine - A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Rock Commando': was a comic only sold at the now infamous July 1980 Bingley gig which Motorhead headlined. Then Motorhead manager, Douglas Smith, asked Helen Taylor and I to write a page each for it, which we did, but the copy bought on the day disappeared somewhere along the line.
But yesterday, a copy appeared as a 'Buy It Now' on EBay, so I snapped it up, and it will be nice seeing my 30 year old scratchy 'best school handwriting' again.
Just before this, when Douglas used to "OK" the fanzine before it went to press, he asked me to change the front cover. A local artist / friend had drawn a biker riding a motorcycle for it, but the biker's head was the Motorhead War-Pig. Original, I thought, and felt a bit annoyed with Douglas as I had paid the artist £25 for her work.
But when I saw the cover, and then the inside pages of 'Rock Commando,' I understood why he had refused it. 'Rock Commando' artist, Klaus Blum's cover was quite similar, well, similar enough for Douglas to notice the resemblance and turn mine down.
So that's the story, and it'll be nice owning a copy once again.
It was a nice gesture by Douglas, as the magazine, which is printed in sets of 4 pages, had 2 of them blank, and he offered them to us to promote what we were doing back then. He needn't have bothered. Yet because he did, those 2 pages are part of the Bingley era Motorhead history, which is great.
Pre-Internet and email at the time, it was something of a gun-to-your-head last-minute idea, and it had to be written and posted by snail-mail very quickly to make the printer's deadline.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This Interview: is also on
but is well worth seeing for the young pimply lad going through his apprenticeship by interviewing Lemmy. You can almost see him bricking it.
Scroll down the page and click the > arrow.
Phil Campbell: Playing a great solo in a guitar shop -

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Short But Interesting Recent Lemmy Interview:
And another one which Eric found...
'Needs Must' - Kris Needs: A very early flag-waver for Motorhead via his 'Zig-Zag' punk magazine outpourings, Kris Needs book, 'Needs Must,' is an excellent rock 'n' roll read.
It includes a fairly chubby chapter dedicated to times spent with Motorhead between 1977 and 1985, and is well worth adding to your list of Motorhead related books.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

'Satisfaction': which my good-buddy, Eric, mailed over...
And naughty Kylie, as she has only been seen in male dreams before...

Friday, December 10, 2010

'The World Is Yours': Another publicity feature -’s-campbell-recorded-album-as-dad-was-dying-988
Thanks to Eric for finding it.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre: Might be one hell of a mouthful for a band name, but their CD, 'Hell Or High Water' has a track titled 'WWLD? (What Would Lemmy Do?) and they've recorded part of a video for the track, and run out of money.
They are after some small donations to help raise the $1,000 balance they're after, so if you'd like to help out, please do so within the link above.
Thanks, on their behalf.
Put That Fag Out!: When I gave up smoking, Mrs. B said, "I suppose I'll have to stop as well?"
"No," I replied, "if the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn't."
And there are often times, even now, when I am in the newsagents queue waiting to buy the paper, looking at the rows of cigarette packets, and the yearning is still there.
Once a smoker, always a smoker, they say.
They are right.
A still-struggling non-smoker a couple of months on, I asked my doctor what else there was on the market as support after the gum and patch medication had had its day?
"There's nothing!" he said, bluntly, and with finality in his voice.
So, if we get past a certain level using the nicotine based products, there's nothing else?
Nothing else.
So, I had to find my own, because the way the world had turned with the smoking ban, it was no fun standing outside a concert venue, supermarket, shopping centre, wherever; in the freezing cold, snow, or rain, having a crafty drag.
Also, I had achieved something I never believed I could, and I didn't want to throw that achievement away with just one puff on a ciggy.
The alternatives I found, worked.
Despite the craving still being there, and it always will be, because nicotine never gives up, I put my alternatives; (well, they weren't alternatives, really, as the doctor's had nothing whatsoever on offer;) into a book, and I hope that if you try giving up, they help you stick with it, too.
There's nothing worse than driving past a firm seeing the employees in a huddle on the pavement having a fag break. It's far better being in the warm, looking out of the window at them.
Give this book a try, and you can be in the warm looking out of the window, too.
It's on Amazon.
So if you're thinking of kicking it for the New Year, get a copy now and be ready for the big day.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Motorhead Collector's Guide: I don't think publisher, Cherry Red Books, realised the vast scale of records and memorabilia they were taking on at the outset. Publication dates of July and then October came and went, and today, a rather perturbed Hazel McEwan, (wife of MHB Ian), told me Amazon had cancelled her order.
So I contacted Cherry Red, who are going to get the new and correct publication date sorted out with Amazon. The book, they told me, is 95% complete, but if you too have had your order cancelled by Amazon, why not re-order it direct from the source?
Just click here -
You may well get it a lot faster when it is published.
'Killed By Death': with the strippers, Brixton 27th November, 2010.
So close, the cameraman's hair moved on occasion.
The 'Sheep In Wolves' Clothing' Fan Club CD: has been "Reduced To Clear." There are only a few remaining, so please order through the Main Page at the new rates.
Once they are gone, they are gone.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The World Is Yours: Yes, we have the 'Classic Rock' magazine package to look forward to, but the album itself -
also has a bonus DVD with -
The recording of 'The World Is Yours' album documentary -
including 30 minutes of live footage from the Manchester Apollo show (16th November 2010),
the acoustic 'Ace Of Spades' track which Motorhead recorded for the Kronenbourg TV advert, and the Kronenbourg TV advert itself.
PLUS: the videos for 'Get Back In Line' and 'I Know How To Die.'
The album will now be released on 8th February, 2011.
Good eh, all for £7-99 post free.
Mine's on order!
As far as I can gather, the Classic Rock CD will just have a very basic insert. The insert 'proper,' which will include photos, lyrics, etc; will be with the 8th February official album release.
Lemmy The Movie: Is playing tonight at venues around the UK, check the December Motorheadbangers fanzine for details - It's here in Poole -

Sunday, December 05, 2010

'Get Back In Line': The new video for the song, found by Ben (MHB 2980) - well done that man!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Hamburg Abendblatt: Is the biggest selling newspaper in Germany, and MHB, Holger True, is the music features editor.
Holger arranged a phone interview with me last week, and we enjoyed doing that this morning. He will also be reviewing the Motorhead Hannover show, and interviewing MHB Klaus Fabry for what should be a large Motorhead story in the paper.
If it is on-line, as are most newspapers, I will post the link when it is published. This will only be useful to the MHB member's who reside in Germany, but this is a great thing to happen both for the band and the fan club.
Thank you, Holger.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Phil Campbell On Onslaught's 'Bomber' Cover version:

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Motorhead - 'Enter Sandman':
Because I'm knackered.
As soon as the fanzine goes to the print shop, it's envelope writing time.
That completed, the stamps are bought and stuck on.
So, when the fanzine is printed and collected, they can be slipped straight into the envelopes, self-sealed, put into the car, and driven 5 miles for posting.
Why 5 miles?
Because the car can be parked at the roadside there, (at Ashley Cross Post Office, in Lower Parkstone), about 10 footsteps away from a HUGE letter box, with two openings, and another one set into the wall of the building itself.
So they can all go in one hit, very easily.
It's an amazing feeling driving home afterwards, knowing everything has come together, like a jigsaw, and the final piece, posting them, has been done, and that YOU will get your fanzine a day or two later.
Quite an adrenaline rush.
Three times a year.
For the 89th time.