Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Alan's Multiple Sclerosis Mini-Documentary

From a feature in the local Daily Echo newspaper regarding my sufferance of multiple sclerosis, (MS), by reporter, Nicky Findley, Bournemouth University media student, Kelly Griffiths, made contact via Nicky. For their media studies, Kelly was the team leader of 5 who chose to make a mini-documentary to help raise the awareness of MS. Most people know those two letters, but many know little more. Some believe that it is catching, it is not. It is simply a comparatively unknown disease which affects the muscular and nervous system of the human body. Whereas one-in seven suffer cancer, one in five hundred are blighted with MS. Cancer, however, offers some degree of hope via chemotherapy, but alas, no such hope with MS.
It affects mobility as the muscles gradually lose their strength, so walking becomes the first difficulty. Eventually, depending in the severity suffered by the individual, one becomes bed-ridden, and is left in the hands of their carer.
I hope that scenario is a long way off, and I'm sure it is. But I must congratulate Kelly and her four fellow students for editing around 150 minutes down to a mere 5, they have made an excellent job of doing so, and helped pave the way to their future careers.