Sunday, March 30, 2008

Motorblog Another Head Cat Date: to add to the 2 posted on March 14th, this one's on April 16th at The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing (Part 25): As of yesterday the necessary paperwork, approval of the artwork and booklet and the quality check of the CD audio was approved. The whole package was then sent to the plant for printing, pressing etc. Like every company in these high-speed times we live in, they will process the order as quickly as possible; as promised, though, will keep you in touch via this oracle of the progress as and when things happen.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Motorblog Todd Singerman: Sent these over to share with MHB's, more than well worth a look -

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Motorblog Another Strange One!: have an odd 'Motorhead - The Early Years - Biography + Songs + Photo Gallery [Enhanced] [Import]' as a *pre-order* item due out May 13th 2008. It's just one CD on the IMV/ Blueline Prod label. The front cover art is a rather crazed looking War-Pig, (which was also used on another budget re-issue some time back, I think), and other than hazarding a wild guess that this might be the soundtrack to the recent 'Overkill 30th Anniversary' 2 x DVD set, then I don't have a clue what it's about? With a price tag currently of £13.49 it'd better be good! It goes without saying it's an unofficial release, of course.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing (Part 24): With the Easter Weekend and folks having things to do, after early front cover artwork completion by Steve Shepherd, Studio 42 man, Tim Way forged ahead with the CD track Mastering and booklet artwork. Completed by Friday March 21st, everything was sent to the CD plant on the 22nd and should be received Tuesday 25th. The turnaround is 10 to 12 working days at present.
Not quite at the 11th Hour, more like the 9th, the original idea of a 4-page CD booklet was quashed and a 12-pager brought into being. With professional printing experience of not only our fanzine behind him, Tim made a magnificent job of this; and also the interior CD case back panel art, and what they call in the trade; 'on-body' printing, (that's the print on the CD itself to us).
So, all systems are, to all intents and purposes, GO-GO-GO>

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing (Part 23): The local Bournemouth Daily Echo have discovered our CD project and will be publishing a feature about it and the Fan Club in general fairly soon; their average daily circulation is 88,000 copies.

Steve Shepherd has completed the front cover artwork and it is superb to say the very least; he has made a magnificent job of portraying such a difficult album title, and my thanks to him for coming up trumps.

The Final Master will be completed by Tim Way at Studio 42 over the Bank Holiday weekend, as will the artwork for the booklet, back of the case and a design for the CD itself; with everything going to the CD plant on Tuesday March 25th. With an 8 to 10 working day turnaround the finished product should be here just right for ordering by the time the fanzine gets to you.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Motorblog Two Head Cat Dates: April 11th at The Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, California; and April 12th at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bloatermog Green Tax: Not a political person usually, but The Budget effects everyone, so I felt obliged to send the email below to Sky News.
Can someone in our Government tell us where the Green Tax revenue is going? What kind of Account are they putting it in? Yes, what ARE they going to do with the revenue from 'gas guzzlers'? Are they going to pay to have a piece of polluted air cleaned? Are they going to get a huge refrigerator sent to the Polar Regions to stop them thawing?
No! It's just another great big con!
The problem is we have to pay these New Taxes whether we like it or not, and it seems no one has the sense, except me, to ask what they are going to spend the revenue on?
The 'Plastic Bag Tax' requires much the same answer, what are they going to do with the revenue? Get the Council's to remove the bags from the garbage and dispose of them safely, instead of going to landfill as usual? They say the plastic bag takes 1,000 years to degrade, but they were brought into being in the 1960's, so they haven't been around for 1,000 years for someone to make this profound judgement!
Of course, I'll get the usual auto-reply of "Thank you for your communication for which Sky News is grateful; you may or may not receive a reply blah-blah-blah" which means Sky News only Broadcast News they want us to hear, so if you don't believe in 1984, then you'd best think again!
Why should our Government be permitted to take this revenue and NOT tell us HOW they are going to improve these Green Issues which they give the impression they are worried about? If they were so concerned about the fate of our planet, they would stop Gas Guzzlers and Plastic Bags being manufactured RIGHT NOW; instead of just hiking up the price (again) and not telling us what the increase in revenue will be spent on? Indeed, the main-man's words ring true yet again, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That Don't Mean You Got The Right!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bloatermog Fanfare For The Common Man: Yes, the Emerson, Lake & Palmer rendition, for no other reasons than Greg Lake was born and brought up about 2 miles from here in Oakdale, Poole Dorset, and Keith Emerson used to play Bournemouth's fave late 60's / early 70's smoky blues club. The Ritz, with The Nice, (with Lemmy as one of the roadies), and later with the above trio at the now demolished Bournemouth Winter Gardens. Also, it is a pleasantly uplifting tune, apt to cheer us in these stormy Winter times.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Motorblog 'Sheep' CD Forum Answers: The CD will not be available until early April when Issue 81 of the fanzine hits the doormats. At this point in time, the relevant info about how to get a copy by Mail Order AND a PayPal Link for doing so will be uploaded to the Main Page.
It is a phenomenal track listing, not only for the chosen songs but also the fabulous rosta of artistes playing them, you will be astounded!
For reasons already mentioned on the Forum, anyone can buy a copy as soon as the info and Link is uploaded, but it will only be available from the Fan Club address; IT WILL NOT be available from Amazon, Play, HMV, record shops or anywhere else.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Motorblog Motorhead Summer Festival Dates:
June 6th - Rock Am Ring, Germany.
June 7th - Rock Im Park, Germany.
June 13th - Download Festival, Donnington Park, England.
June 14th - Novarock, Austria.
June 22nd - Val de Moine, Clisson, France.
June 24th - Festhalle, Ruegerholz, Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
July 4th - Citadell, Berlin, Germany.
July 5th - Open Air, Aurich, Germany.
July 12th - Norway Rock Festival, Kvinesdal, Norway.
July 17th - Festival Vieilles Charrues, Carthaix, France.
July 19th & 20th - Rock Star, Bilbao, Spain.

All Dates Subject To Change Without Notice!