Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Been Busy

It takes a little longer to do things due to this incapacity, so I am not on here as often as I should.
The 99th fanzine is done and in the post. Typically, on Monday 31st March, there was an increase in postage which no one knew about, adding 20 pence to each Europe / Overseas fanzine sent, and about 6 pence per envelope in the UK.
For many years, the stamps were bought 'over-the-counter.' Then, when these large gold stamps which are printed when required came in, stamps per-se, for security reasons, became rarer. So, I had to count how many stamps and at what price which I needed for the mail-out, and order them in advance, to stick on here at home.
As time went on, certain stamps were not available, again, due to security, as stamps have a value if stolen. So, the envelopes would be taken to Upton Post Office here in the village, for the girls to print and add the required stamps.
Now, all of the fanzines are taken there, and the girls stamp them for us. It is a job less for me, which at the moment I am grateful for.
Thanks to Jo, Kaz and Karen at the Upton Post Office, and my wife, Jane, for helping me transport the envelopes from here to there.