Friday, September 30, 2011

Motor-red Wine: was the witty title of the feature in The Daily Star, about the Motorhead brand wine now on the market.
The likes of us have known about it for perhaps a year now, but after AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell' plonk making headlines, it's great that the band also get their's mentioned in a National newspaper.
It was the only feature on Page 19 of the 30th September edition, with the classic photo of Lemmy pointing at the camera, and two photos of the wine bottle.
The Australian brewed 'Shiraz' wine is said to have 'a fruity aroma, with flavours of vanilla, plums, blackberry, and liquorice.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1 - Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else - Release: 14 November 2011 - Motörhead Music / UDR /EMI.
Another country, another town, another place and a sold-out crowd roars their approval. The greatest road warriors in rock once again prepare to bleed their sweat all over another stage. Lemmy steps up to the mike."WE ARE MOTÖRHEAD ...AND WE PLAY ROCK'N'ROLL !"
In celebration of their 35 years on the road, Motörhead Music /UDR is proud to present The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1 - Everything Further Than Everyplace Else, a blistering DVD containing some of the finest moments from the tour, including the entire performance from Chile's Teatro Caupolican, shot byBanger Films and Sam Dunn (Iron Maiden Flight 666, Rush: Beyond The LightedStage). Mixed by the band's long-time producer Cameron Webb, The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1is stuffed with the classics Motörfans demand, from 'Overkill' to 'Ace OfSpades' to 'Killed By Death' as well as some old gems like 'Over The Top'and new favorites such as 'I Know How To Die.' The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1 gives you every click from every pick and kick from the band's supreme performance in Chile, plus some tasty morsels from NewYork's Best Buy Theater, and the Manchester Apollo. The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1 is a pure testament to the power, glory and sheer voltage of the finest rock'n'roll played by real legends. Accept NO substitute! And yes, as you guessed, the DVD documentation will be continued next year. The Wörld Is Ours Vol 1 - Everything Further Than Everyplace Else - Tracklisting & Formats
Tracklisting:Santiago de Chile (90 minutes) + interview (9 min) 1.We Are Motörhead 2.Stay Clean 3.Get Back In Line 4.Metropolis 5.Over theTop 6.One Night Stand 7.Rock Out 8. The Thousand Names of God 9.I GotMine 10.I Know How to Die 11.The Chase Is Better Than the Catch 12.In theName of Tragedy 13.Just 'Cos You Got the Power 14.Going to Brazil 15.Killed by Death 16.Ace of Spades 17.Overkill New York (20 minutes) + interview (23 min)1.Rock Out 2.TheThousand Names of God 3. Killed By Death (feat. Doro & ToddYouth) Manchester (25 minutes) + interview (12 min)1.We Are Motörhead 2.Stay Clean 3. Be My Baby 4. Get Back In Line 5. I KnowHow to Die 6.Born to Raise Hell (feat. Michael Monroe)
Formats1. DVD + double audio CD (3 disc set) Digipack 8 panel / 24 page booklet / CD format for CD racking DVD Content: Santiago full concert 90 min - 17 songs recorded in Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican (April 9, 2011) Interview 9 min Manchester songs 25 min Interview 12 min NY songs 20 min Atlantic City interview 23 min Plus 2 bonus audio CDs with the Santiago concert in full and the selected tracks from New York and Manchester
2. BluRay - Amaray box (single disc) BluRay Content:Santiago full concert 90 min - 17 songs recorded in Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican (April 9, 2011) Interview 9 min Manchester songs 25 minInterview 12 min NY songs 20 min Atlantic City interview 23 min Plus bonus material: "Get Back In Line" video clip 3:45"I Know How To Die" video clip 4.00EPK "The Wörld Is Yours" 23 min
3. DVD - Amaray box (single disc) DVD content:Santiago full concert 90 min - 17 songs recorded in Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican (April 9, 2011) Interview 9 min Manchester songs 25 minInterview 12 minNY songs 20 min Atlantic City interview 23 min
4. Vinyl LP - Gatefold sleeve (double disc) LP content: Santiago full concert 90 min - 17 songs recorded in Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican (April 9, 2011)5. Digital audio Santiago full concert 90 min - 17 songs recorded in Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican (April 9, 2011)Selected songs from New York and Manchester concerts Motörhead complete their world tour with the following European dates:
October 10/21/2011 CH Zurich - Club Hallenstadion 10/23/2011 FR Toulouse - Zenith 10/25/2011 FR Clermont Ferrand - Zenith D' Auvergne 10/26/2011 FR Nantes - Zenith 10/28/2011 BE Brussels - Forest-National 10/29/2011 NL Zwolle - Meerhal 10/31/2011 FR Lille - Zenith Grand Palais
November11/02/2011 UK Wolverhampton - Civic Hall 11/03/2011 UK Newcastle - City Hall 11/05/2011 UK Glasgow - O2 Academy 11/06/2011 UK Liverpool - University Mountford Hall 11/08/2011 UK Bristol - Colston Hall 11/11/2011 UK Norwich - UEA 11/12/2011 UK London - Hammersmith Apollo 11/14/2011 UK Plymouth - Pavilions 11/15/2011 UK Southampton - Guildhall 11/17/2011 UK Nottingham - Royal Centre 11/18/2011 UK Manchester - O2 Apollo 11/21/2011 FR Paris - Zenith 11/23/2011 DE Berlin - Columbiahalle 11/24/2011 DE Leipzig - Haus Auensee 11/26/2011 DE Munich - Zenith 11/27/2011 DE Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle 11/29/2011 DE Dusseldorf - Phillipshalle 11/30/2011 DE Hamburg - Sporthalle December 12/02/2011 DK Aalborg - Skraeen Multi 12/04/2011 DK Copenhagen - Vega Main Hall 12/05/2011 NO Oslo - Sentrum Scene 12/07/2011 NO Bergen - Peer Gynt Salen 12/09/2011 SE Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen 12/10/2011 SE Stockholm - Arenan 12/12/2011 SE Orebro - Conventum 12/13/2011 SE Sundsvall - Sporthallen 12/15/2011 SE Lulea - Pontushallen 12/17/2011 FI Tampere - Pakkahuone 12/18/2011 FI Helsinki - Cable Factory.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Within Spitting Distance': Is a new title for a story written in 2006. Then, it had the working title of 'Poised To See Paradise,' which Horatio Caine coined as the title for one of the CSI Miami episodes. For the TV episode, it as about a bloke who was murdered just as he was about to see a stripper take her clothes off. For my story, it captured the essence of the main character, who was about to retire, and would see his paradise in doing as he wished, and not having to go to work.
But if 'Poised To See Paradise' is Googled it takes you straight to the CSI episode, so it was changed to 'Within Spitting Distance.'
And it sounds grittier, and suits the story much better, and I am happier with the new title rather than the old, because in essence, I was stealing someone elses words, and I don't like doing that.
The story, like all of my others, is also available from in $, and in Euros.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Repair Work To Lem's Basses:
Thanks to Henri Clausel for the Link.
Re-Publishing as Kindle: Much as I still feel torn regarding downloads, especially after the lengthy debate we went through in the Motorheadbangers fanzine regarding download music, it made sense to take up Amazon’s free offer of uploading my out-of-print book titles. A book takes hundreds of hours to write, and when the publisher went out of business in 2005, the books were just sitting there on the shelf looking at me, doing nothing, and still bustling to be read.
So Amazon’s offer of publishing to Kindle, and with the growing popularity of Kindle download books, was too good to be missed. After all, I had the files for the text electronically stored, and the cover art, so why not give them a new lease of life.
So they are there if you would like them, (the can also be downloaded to many other devices, usually beginning with an ‘i’), and if you do, I hope that you enjoy them, and if you fancy writing a ‘non-spoiler’ review on Amazon afterwards; thank you.
Now with another publisher, (who has published ‘When The Clouds Have Passed’ and ‘Thunder In A Bottle’), and happy with the way that he works, whilst sorting out the uploads for Kindle, I found the file for the final, and unpublished book which I wrote for the previous publisher. Now titled ‘Within Spitting Distance,’ it is another crime thriller, based here in Poole in Dorset. This has been made available as a Kindle download, but not as a paperback. This isn’t due to anything sinister, it’s just that there is a fee to get the paperbacks into production, and with our old car recently going to the great scrap-yard in the sky, we had to buy another one, so we're a bit skint.
The others are there, including the Motorheadbangers Diary Of The Fans...

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Long Out-Of-Print Book: Motorheadbangers ' 'Diary of the Fans Volume 1' has recently been made available on Amazon Kindle as a download -
It can also be downloaded to apps for iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices.
It can also be downloaded from - if paying in Euros, and if paying in $dollars.
Most of my back catalogue of crime thriller fiction is also available from the same pages.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big 4 Tribute To Lemmy at Yankee Stadium, New York, playing 'Overkill.'
Thanks to MHB Kent Age Julnes for the link.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Mercy: 'Bet Your Ass On It' - Motorhead tribute band with a knockout song and video!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New Fastway Album: Titled 'Eat Dog Eat,' Fastway's new album will be released by SPV/Steamhammer in Germany, on November 11th, and Europe on November 14th.
Fast Eddie Clarke says: This is by far the best thing I have done since the 1st Fastway album. This is classic rock at its best.
Tracks: Deliver Me / Fade Out / Leave The Light On / Loving Fool / Dead And Gone / Sick As A Dog / Freedom Song / Do You Believe / Love I Need / On And On / and Only If You Want is a download exclusive track.
With Toby Jepson on vocals, this is Fastway's first studio album since 1990.

Thanks to Olly Hahn and Arty Golev for the info.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Wurzel's Charity: Thank you for your donations to Wurzels charity, Help for Heroes, which achieved a grand total of £902-06.
I shall be making arrangements to get this amazing figure paid to the charity, as soon as I am able.
Wurzel's family send their thanks and gratitude.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Iron Horse / Born To Lose: Sung in Finnish.
Thanks to Ellen Katajanheimo for the link.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I Should Blog More: But things have been busy, and I have a medical problem which I am keen to get sorted out. When the ability to walk gets difficult, you wonder what's going on? So it's a slightly worrying situation, but one which, along with my doctor, we are trying to solve.
Bear with me.