Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Within Spitting Distance': Is a new title for a story written in 2006. Then, it had the working title of 'Poised To See Paradise,' which Horatio Caine coined as the title for one of the CSI Miami episodes. For the TV episode, it as about a bloke who was murdered just as he was about to see a stripper take her clothes off. For my story, it captured the essence of the main character, who was about to retire, and would see his paradise in doing as he wished, and not having to go to work.
But if 'Poised To See Paradise' is Googled it takes you straight to the CSI episode, so it was changed to 'Within Spitting Distance.'
And it sounds grittier, and suits the story much better, and I am happier with the new title rather than the old, because in essence, I was stealing someone elses words, and I don't like doing that.
The story, like all of my others, is also available from Amazon.com in $, and Amazon.de in Euros.