Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Re-Publishing as Kindle: Much as I still feel torn regarding downloads, especially after the lengthy debate we went through in the Motorheadbangers fanzine regarding download music, it made sense to take up Amazon’s free offer of uploading my out-of-print book titles. A book takes hundreds of hours to write, and when the publisher went out of business in 2005, the books were just sitting there on the shelf looking at me, doing nothing, and still bustling to be read.
So Amazon’s offer of publishing to Kindle, and with the growing popularity of Kindle download books, was too good to be missed. After all, I had the files for the text electronically stored, and the cover art, so why not give them a new lease of life.
So they are there if you would like them, (the can also be downloaded to many other devices, usually beginning with an ‘i’), and if you do, I hope that you enjoy them, and if you fancy writing a ‘non-spoiler’ review on Amazon afterwards; thank you.
Now with another publisher, (who has published ‘When The Clouds Have Passed’ and ‘Thunder In A Bottle’), and happy with the way that he works, whilst sorting out the uploads for Kindle, I found the file for the final, and unpublished book which I wrote for the previous publisher. Now titled ‘Within Spitting Distance,’ it is another crime thriller, based here in Poole in Dorset. This has been made available as a Kindle download, but not as a paperback. This isn’t due to anything sinister, it’s just that there is a fee to get the paperbacks into production, and with our old car recently going to the great scrap-yard in the sky, we had to buy another one, so we're a bit skint.
The others are there, including the Motorheadbangers Diary Of The Fans...