Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Motorblog Saxon's Download Single: Titled 'I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive),' featuring our very own Lemmy Kilmister, Rose Tattoo's Angry Anderson and Helloween's Andi Deris has, I am reliably informed by SPV Records, also been released as a CD single. The video for the song is featured on Saxon's opening website page http://www.saxon747.com/en/is/ and it has also been included on their latest double DVD package, 'To Hell And Back Again,' which, in total, has a mammoth 5 hours running time!
The single doesn't seem to be listed on Amazon, HMV or Play.com, but a copy was sold on EBay recently, so I guess either there or our local High Street shop will be the place to find or order it?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Motorblog I Don't Think I'm Losing My Mind: So sayeth Jimi Hendrix on the re-issue of his 1967 Monterey performance, just out on DVD for the first time. The VHS has been enjoyed for many years now, but the DVD has the edge, I think; and the 'extra footage' and interviews colour the story well.
And sometimes, lately, those words ring true after the termination of vices following my op last year, and the resulting lack of sleep.
But there are other things to help keep us fully compos-mentis, and whilst we appreciate and enjoy the music of Motorhead, listening to it too often could also cause insanity, so here's a thoroughly deserving parallel http://youtube.com/watch?v=HaoU0Z1gwe0 and they are obviously not the GMT Phil Taylor once played with! http://www.gmtrocks.com/

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Motorblog 'Keep It Together' Book Launch: Friday, December 7th, 2007 sees the long-awaited launch of Rich Deakin's 'Keep It Together! Cosmic Boogie with the Deviants and the Pink Fairies' book, at The Inn On The Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, Portobello Green, London W10 5XL (nearest tube: Ladbroke Grove) from 7pm till late / FREE before 9pm (£5 donation after).
Rich put his heart and soul into getting this book written, (the forward is by Mick Farren), and this fine get-together / launch also features Live music from Pink FA, Slim Tim Slide, The Delinquents, Kalki Hula Girl, DJ's and very special guests.
It is 'The remarkable story of the Deviants, the Pink Fairies, and the London communal bands of the 1960's and 1970's. It is a tale that starts in Notting Hill, and includes The Pretty Things, Hawkwind, MC5, Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Edgar Broughton Band, Motorhead and a host of other influential bands and pilled up geezers desperate for a revolution, or at the very least, Top Of The Pops.'

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Motorblog Put That Fag Out, Lemmy!: Thanks to Eddie Evans, who found this; straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak!
But does Lem's face look like he gives a shit?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Motorblog No, Not £2,500!: You've read the story going around the Motorhead sites about Lemmy sparking up at the Sheffield show, and "police were alerted and threatened to take appropriate action" by fining him £50 - NOT £2,500!
The £2,500 is the fine the venue must pay if they are caught NOT enforcing The Law, (our world is starting to sound really Judge Dredd, innit!)
But it didn't say they actually fined Lemmy, so maybe he was just warned?
I thought band's/performers would be able to get away with this as it could be regarded as "part of the stage act," but apparently not!
But at the Bournemouth show, both Lemmy and Phil emerged after Mikkey's drum solo, fag-less, but chewing gum; likewise for the encores, and Whorehouse Blues just didn't seem the same without that trail of blue smoke whisping up over Lem's cowboy hat!
In fact, I MISSED the fag smoke!
The Bournemouth show, for me, seemed as if an integral facet of the rock 'n' roll world had died.
And it had!
A live concert will be difficult to get used to in a smoke-free atmosphere. I've been doing gigs for over 40 years now, and the atmosphere just wasn't right - and this is me talking after giving up smoking out of respect for my heart surgery just a year ago!
But when all is said and done, backstage is also 'indoors,' and I bet there isn't a Manager of any venue in the world who will tell Lem he can't smoke there!
Motorblog You Can Count On Pam: Waterstones in Poole hosted a book signing last evening by my good friend, mentor, and local author, Pamela Fudge.
Pam's latest 'romance' novel, her fourth, is titled 'High Infidelity,' published by Robert Hale on October 31st, now available online through Amazon.
But don't have any misconceptions, because I know the names Barbara Cartland and Mills and Boon have sprung to mind already, and yes, I heard you groan when you read the word 'romance;' but romantic fiction just isn't like that these days; it's about people like you and I, not some swashbuckling soldier and the Lady of the Manor from the 1800's. Agreed, they are not edge-of-the-seat thrills-and-spills Quentin Tarantino blood and gore fest's, either, so it's (probably) not for the average Motorheadbanger, BUT, if you're after a top-notch pressie for any female relations that'll earn you plenty of Brownie Points, I can recommend any of Pam's books and guarantee they will be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Motorblog Classic Line-Up ReUnion: This is one of the topics on the imotorhead.com Forum which seems to be attracting a great deal of speculation, but unless Phil Taylor decides to return to the UK to live, it ain't gonna happen!
If I remember correctly, Lemmy and Phil migrated to America on the same day and on the same flight, but for reasons which were never made totally clear, Phil was refused entry at LAX; returning to spend a night or two with Wurzel as he'd sold his apartment and had nowhere to stay. Then, after doing whatever he needed to do for American immigration, he flew back a couple of days later and managed to get in.
Then, when the 25th and 30th Anniversary's came up in London and Lemmy was asked if Philthy would be part of it, if you remember, he said that Phil wouldn't be able to do the shows because if he leaves America, he won't get back in again.
So, with Motorhead's biggest audiences being in the UK and Europe, it would only be worth the 'Classic Line-Up' getting back together IF Philthy decided he wanted to return to the UK and STAY HERE!
OR, there would be nothing to stop the 'Classic Line-Up' playing a couple of 'ReUnion' gigs in America, with fans flying over to attend if they wanted to, and the event being filmed and released on DVD.
But the opportunity of the 'Classic Line-Up' reforming could have happened when the 'Classic Albums - Ace Of Spades' DVD was filmed, but instead of flying Fast Eddie to LA to do his bit, he played and recorded his guitar parts in London, only to be 'morphed' into the session with Lemmy and Philthy playing in LA.
If this wasn't THE golden opportunity, then what was?
And Fast Eddie has no travel restrictions, so...?
And Philthy's predicament will follow him forever; he could have played America with Web Of Spider and still can with his new Capricorn venture, but gigs anywhere else can never happen for the above reasons.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Motorblog LA (St)Ink(s?): Was it me, or did LA Ink bore me to tears last evening? Kat von D's own show and, again, one of the other tattooist's wasn't sure if she had done the right thing by moving to LA to work in Kat's shop, and, well, it's just the usual 'soap opera' they all have within them just to move things away from the realms of simply having to watch people being tattoo'd - a bit of 'human interest.'
But what with this and the London and Miami Ink's, are we approaching tattoo overkill?
And the 'gripping' thrills of Kat's shop not being ready, and each of the tattooist's having to make 'guest appearances' in another shop to keep the interest high and the Buck$ rolling in. Then they went to the beach to cheer everyone up by showing us what heavily tattoo'd women in bikinis look like. Not quite sure about this, though Kat and her buddies are by no means 'waifs,' so at least they're flying the flag for the plumper birds out there, so good on 'em!
But it was great to see Kat a few times with a fag going or with one about to be lit, and reminded me of the dart's currently being shown where the player's keep having 'breaks' so they can nip out and have a quick drag. It caused me to reflect back to the 70's when 'Embassy' cigarettes sponsored the darts as 'silent advertising,' and the players had a pint on the table and a fag, (which they had a quick drag from between throws), smoudering away in the ash tray. More and more, 'Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That Don't Mean You Got The Right' echoes through our lives, and we can see, quite clearly now, how George Orwell got it right, he was just a few decades out; cos believe me, now they've hammered the smokers, they're starting to have a go at the drinkers. Ending the 24 hour opening times and increasing the prices by 10% is just the start!
So when no one smokes or drinks, what will they do to get the lost revenue?
Tax us on sex?
We will end up gibbering 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir' idiots by 2025, I am sure, if indeed we haven't destroyed ourselves by then?
Cheerful git for a Monday morning, aren't I?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Motorblog Bournemouth Set List: Doctor Rock / Stay Clean / Be My Baby / Killers / Metropolis / One Night Stand / Rosalie / In The Name Of Tragedy with drum solo / Just 'Cos You Got The Power / Going To Brazil / Killed By Death with guitar solo / Encores Whorehouse Blues / Ace Of Spades / Overkill.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Motorblog Bournemouth Show Top Notch!: Not sure why so many-dyed-in-the-wool Motorhead fans aren't going along to these shows? The "Motorhead aren't headlining" excuse doesn't really hold water, at Bournemouth last evening, despite just 70 minutes onstage, they kicked our arses good and proper! And we wouldn't have expected less, would we! So if you were iffy about the tour, (do you really wanna miss out on that amazing adrenaline rush?), Cardiff, London and Manchester still have to be played, so do yourself a favour, buy a ticket and have a f**king knockout time! And if you call it a day when Motorhead end their set, it's just as if they've headlined anyway!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Motorblog Tour Back On Track: Todd Singerman tells me the tour is back on schedule and the date at the Brighton Centre is ON!
Apologies to the fans who were disappointed at the blown out Nottingham date, we are only human, and unfortunately, these things happen in life.

(Apparently Mikkey's youngest son, Marcus, was taken ill with appendicitus).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Motorblog No Show At Nottingham! Motorhead pulled out of the Alice Cooper tour for the Nottingham date as Mikkey Dee had to fly home to Sweden when one of his son's was taken ill. Let's hope Max or Marcus is OK.
I feel sure Mikkey will be back for the Brighton show on the 13th, but check with the venue before travelling just in case. (They probably won't even know, so check here or with the imotorhead.com site).

On a brighter note, http://www.imotorhead.com/ have a You Tube Link in the 'News' section to this year's VMA Awards where Lemmy sung 'Shake Your Blood' and played and sung 'I'll Be Your Sister' with Foo Fighters.

Motorblog Just Limbo'd In On Time: Yes, my ticket arrived Saturday am. No 'signed for,' just straight through the letterbox and onto the mat, one hot £40 ticket that could've been stolen by anyone. Didn't they tell me within the bullshit for those 'extra charges' that it would be 'signed for'?

So, to celebrate here's The Beatles with one of my 3 fave's of theirs, 'Norweigan Wood' http://youtube.com/watch?v=RaNQjhXhfVs The lyrics ar simply excellent John Lennon humour, a sense of humour also shared by Lemmy; you might notice?

And check out Victor Wooten in the 'Related Videos' section to the right of the page as you listen and watch...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Motorblog TicketMaster Addendum: They emailed to say the ticket was on its' way (yeah, right - they forgot/f**ked up!) but if it didn't arrive within 24 hours of the show to call a number they gave, when they would cancel the ticket and make arrangements at the BIC Box Office for a new ticket to be collected on the night.
Maybe this is the reason they charge those 'Extras' over and above the face-value of the ticket price, to allow for such situations as this?
Hmm. I don't think so!
Motorblog 100 Lines For Ticketmaster: So the Bournemouth International Centre gig is next Wednesday - November 14th, right.
Ticketmaster, through whom I bought mine back on July 17th, say 'Tickets will arrive 7 to 10 days before the event.' So it should have been here between November 4th and November 7th.
Today is the 9th.
Easy maths says they've f**ked up!
Have emailed to tell them time is running out rather quickly now.
Ticketmaster's Words For The Day:- "Oh, shit!"

The funny thing is, I ordered mine through Ticketmaster on the BIC website, yet local MHB, Eddie Evans, phoned the BIC to order his, and received them a few days later.
A lesson learned, I do believe!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' (Part 11): Albert Bouchard has chosen to use a band / project name of 'The Underbelly' for his recording of 'Back At The Funny Farm.'
Personnel he's getting together for it are:
Albert Bouchard - Drums and Production.
Les Vegas - The lead singer with Soft White Underbelly - Vocals.
David Hirschberg - From The Brain Suregon's - Bass.
Adrian Romero - Guitar.
Kelly Halloran - Violin and Vocals.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Motorblog Is It Them, Or Me?: Asda, yesterday, went there to get some photos done. They have a counter selling these new, trendy, "multiple-bangs" firework thingies, you know, the one's that sound like there's a lunatic loose on the street with a machine gun which scares all the animals shitless?
Two of those, with 145 "bangs" in each, cost £75. Two, with 100 "bangs" each, cost £60. And I noticed at the newsagent's in the week, sky-rockets for, (and agreed, they looked like a small dustbin on a stick), A TENNER EACH!
Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am far from being tight, but people were actually out in their gardens around here last night, seeing, probably, (for at least a half-decent show), somewhere in the region of £300 being burned away in varying degrees of both pretty and noisy "Oooh's" and "Aaahs" with these things. Indeed, I have the debris in MY back garden to prove it, one rocket, thankfully, resting on the cover I made for the pond a few weeks ago, (it was for keeping that bloody heron out, but does a good job for sky-rockets, too, it seems).
Now, people can do as they please with their money, but surely they must be pricing fireworks, much like tobacco, out of the domestic householder's pocket range? Wouldn't it have been safer, and less expensive, to have taken the kids to a local display?
The expense was probably spanked on plastic anyway, and it occurred to me that the massive amount of people in debt just now is due to being monthly paid! There didn't seem to be such an immense problem with folks being so deeply in debt when we were paid weekly!!
AND THEN I find 2 sky-rockets, (think of the height they go and their rate of decent - rather like the stiletto heel on the wooden dancefloor equation), have made holes in our perspex car-port roof! These, I hasten to add, were not from the neighbour's party, wrong trajectory! (And on a lighter note, a humourous picture can be imagined with me crawling around up there on boards repairing the damage - as I had to!)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Motorblog Tour Now Iminent: Those months have flown past since the Alice tour was announced and we bought our tickets, and on Tuesday, it kicks off for real at Sheffield.
OK, I believe I said this before, but so many MHB's have been groaning on about it "Not being a 'proper' Motorhead 'Headlining' Tour." No, it's not, but Motorhead are going to be watched and enjoyed by an audience, (other than us stalwarts, of course), who probably think they disbanded after 'No Sleep 'til Hammersmith,' (or at the very least, 'Another Perfect Day'), so this 'Package Tour' exposure, loathed as it is by some, is going to do them a hell of a lot of good - or at least, it should do.
I've worked in local factories with people who have bought Alice's past tour tickets the day they went on sale, yet if you said the word 'Motorhead' they looked at you as if you'd just arrived from another planet. And all three bands, Joan Jett, Motorhead and Alice Cooper, are BIG attrractions and are playing BIG venues around the UK, so don't begrudge Motorhead their hard-core fan base, don't boycott it just because it's 'a bit different to the norm,' get a ticket and get yer arse to one of the shows, you just know you're gonna enjoy it, come on, IT'S MOTORHEAD, and if you don't get your annual blast of decibels, you'll be a miserable bugger until they tour again next year!