Monday, November 19, 2007

Motorblog Classic Line-Up ReUnion: This is one of the topics on the Forum which seems to be attracting a great deal of speculation, but unless Phil Taylor decides to return to the UK to live, it ain't gonna happen!
If I remember correctly, Lemmy and Phil migrated to America on the same day and on the same flight, but for reasons which were never made totally clear, Phil was refused entry at LAX; returning to spend a night or two with Wurzel as he'd sold his apartment and had nowhere to stay. Then, after doing whatever he needed to do for American immigration, he flew back a couple of days later and managed to get in.
Then, when the 25th and 30th Anniversary's came up in London and Lemmy was asked if Philthy would be part of it, if you remember, he said that Phil wouldn't be able to do the shows because if he leaves America, he won't get back in again.
So, with Motorhead's biggest audiences being in the UK and Europe, it would only be worth the 'Classic Line-Up' getting back together IF Philthy decided he wanted to return to the UK and STAY HERE!
OR, there would be nothing to stop the 'Classic Line-Up' playing a couple of 'ReUnion' gigs in America, with fans flying over to attend if they wanted to, and the event being filmed and released on DVD.
But the opportunity of the 'Classic Line-Up' reforming could have happened when the 'Classic Albums - Ace Of Spades' DVD was filmed, but instead of flying Fast Eddie to LA to do his bit, he played and recorded his guitar parts in London, only to be 'morphed' into the session with Lemmy and Philthy playing in LA.
If this wasn't THE golden opportunity, then what was?
And Fast Eddie has no travel restrictions, so...?
And Philthy's predicament will follow him forever; he could have played America with Web Of Spider and still can with his new Capricorn venture, but gigs anywhere else can never happen for the above reasons.