Sunday, November 04, 2007

Motorblog Is It Them, Or Me?: Asda, yesterday, went there to get some photos done. They have a counter selling these new, trendy, "multiple-bangs" firework thingies, you know, the one's that sound like there's a lunatic loose on the street with a machine gun which scares all the animals shitless?
Two of those, with 145 "bangs" in each, cost £75. Two, with 100 "bangs" each, cost £60. And I noticed at the newsagent's in the week, sky-rockets for, (and agreed, they looked like a small dustbin on a stick), A TENNER EACH!
Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am far from being tight, but people were actually out in their gardens around here last night, seeing, probably, (for at least a half-decent show), somewhere in the region of £300 being burned away in varying degrees of both pretty and noisy "Oooh's" and "Aaahs" with these things. Indeed, I have the debris in MY back garden to prove it, one rocket, thankfully, resting on the cover I made for the pond a few weeks ago, (it was for keeping that bloody heron out, but does a good job for sky-rockets, too, it seems).
Now, people can do as they please with their money, but surely they must be pricing fireworks, much like tobacco, out of the domestic householder's pocket range? Wouldn't it have been safer, and less expensive, to have taken the kids to a local display?
The expense was probably spanked on plastic anyway, and it occurred to me that the massive amount of people in debt just now is due to being monthly paid! There didn't seem to be such an immense problem with folks being so deeply in debt when we were paid weekly!!
AND THEN I find 2 sky-rockets, (think of the height they go and their rate of decent - rather like the stiletto heel on the wooden dancefloor equation), have made holes in our perspex car-port roof! These, I hasten to add, were not from the neighbour's party, wrong trajectory! (And on a lighter note, a humourous picture can be imagined with me crawling around up there on boards repairing the damage - as I had to!)