Saturday, November 03, 2007

Motorblog Tour Now Iminent: Those months have flown past since the Alice tour was announced and we bought our tickets, and on Tuesday, it kicks off for real at Sheffield.
OK, I believe I said this before, but so many MHB's have been groaning on about it "Not being a 'proper' Motorhead 'Headlining' Tour." No, it's not, but Motorhead are going to be watched and enjoyed by an audience, (other than us stalwarts, of course), who probably think they disbanded after 'No Sleep 'til Hammersmith,' (or at the very least, 'Another Perfect Day'), so this 'Package Tour' exposure, loathed as it is by some, is going to do them a hell of a lot of good - or at least, it should do.
I've worked in local factories with people who have bought Alice's past tour tickets the day they went on sale, yet if you said the word 'Motorhead' they looked at you as if you'd just arrived from another planet. And all three bands, Joan Jett, Motorhead and Alice Cooper, are BIG attrractions and are playing BIG venues around the UK, so don't begrudge Motorhead their hard-core fan base, don't boycott it just because it's 'a bit different to the norm,' get a ticket and get yer arse to one of the shows, you just know you're gonna enjoy it, come on, IT'S MOTORHEAD, and if you don't get your annual blast of decibels, you'll be a miserable bugger until they tour again next year!