Sunday, November 18, 2007

Motorblog LA (St)Ink(s?): Was it me, or did LA Ink bore me to tears last evening? Kat von D's own show and, again, one of the other tattooist's wasn't sure if she had done the right thing by moving to LA to work in Kat's shop, and, well, it's just the usual 'soap opera' they all have within them just to move things away from the realms of simply having to watch people being tattoo'd - a bit of 'human interest.'
But what with this and the London and Miami Ink's, are we approaching tattoo overkill?
And the 'gripping' thrills of Kat's shop not being ready, and each of the tattooist's having to make 'guest appearances' in another shop to keep the interest high and the Buck$ rolling in. Then they went to the beach to cheer everyone up by showing us what heavily tattoo'd women in bikinis look like. Not quite sure about this, though Kat and her buddies are by no means 'waifs,' so at least they're flying the flag for the plumper birds out there, so good on 'em!
But it was great to see Kat a few times with a fag going or with one about to be lit, and reminded me of the dart's currently being shown where the player's keep having 'breaks' so they can nip out and have a quick drag. It caused me to reflect back to the 70's when 'Embassy' cigarettes sponsored the darts as 'silent advertising,' and the players had a pint on the table and a fag, (which they had a quick drag from between throws), smoudering away in the ash tray. More and more, 'Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That Don't Mean You Got The Right' echoes through our lives, and we can see, quite clearly now, how George Orwell got it right, he was just a few decades out; cos believe me, now they've hammered the smokers, they're starting to have a go at the drinkers. Ending the 24 hour opening times and increasing the prices by 10% is just the start!
So when no one smokes or drinks, what will they do to get the lost revenue?
Tax us on sex?
We will end up gibbering 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir' idiots by 2025, I am sure, if indeed we haven't destroyed ourselves by then?
Cheerful git for a Monday morning, aren't I?