Thursday, March 06, 2014

March Hare.

So, here we are marching toward the April fanzine. It has been started, and is looking great so far. It will be our 99th edition, in August, the 100th - whoever thought we would achieve this? Not me. When it began with issue 1, I didn't think further than issue 2, never mind issue 10.
So, it will be special, but other than having something like '100th Edition' on the cover, that will be that.
The main celebration will be seeing Lemmy fit and able enough to go back on the road. For 38 years we took it for granted that if the had a gig, then they would damn sure play it. Other than a few minor blips like the flu or something, Motorhead have never let us down.
We wish him all the very best, and a full recovery.