Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Local 'Daily Echo': Included a short letter last week, saying "with the weather icy as it is, I don't hear anyone saying 'global warming' at the moment."
A reply was printed; "Despite being on the same latitude as Canada, Russia, and Iceland, the UK was always enjoyed a warmer climate due to the Gulf Stream. Now that we have global warming, and the ice caps are melting, this has cooled the Gulf Stream, and as a result the UK is suffering far colder conditions."
This is understandable.
But the High Pressure we now have brings clear skies and colder nights, the northerly or easterly breeze keeps the temperatures down. Were we in May, June, or July etc; we would be in the middle of a scorching heat wave.
Low pressure gives us rain.
So when a Low comes in from the south-west, how will it be affected by global warming and the Gulf Stream?