Friday, December 24, 2010

But It's 'Lemmy The Movie': Phil, Not 'Motorhead The Movie.'
Phil's comments on 'Lemmy The Movie' are quite natural, and as I walked from the cinema to get the tube back home, I felt much the same. But then, I realised, it's all about Lemmy and HIS life, NOT Motorhead and THEIR life as a band, and then the whole idea and concept of what Greg and Wes had tried to do settled within.
But I must say that the fact that Greg and Wes are American's, and thereby do not have the depth of knowledge about early Lemmy and, indeed, early Motorhead, was noticeable.
But hey, how many people as old as me and with my depth of knowledge about Lemmy and Motorhead are going to watch it?
Not many.
We are like dinosaurs, and are gradually becoming extinct.
If you are expecting 'Lemmy The Movie' to be anything like the 'Live Fast, Die Old' TV documentary, then you will be disappointed.
Best to just view and enjoy with an open mind.