Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Motorhead - 'Enter Sandman':
Because I'm knackered.
As soon as the fanzine goes to the print shop, it's envelope writing time.
That completed, the stamps are bought and stuck on.
So, when the fanzine is printed and collected, they can be slipped straight into the envelopes, self-sealed, put into the car, and driven 5 miles for posting.
Why 5 miles?
Because the car can be parked at the roadside there, (at Ashley Cross Post Office, in Lower Parkstone), about 10 footsteps away from a HUGE letter box, with two openings, and another one set into the wall of the building itself.
So they can all go in one hit, very easily.
It's an amazing feeling driving home afterwards, knowing everything has come together, like a jigsaw, and the final piece, posting them, has been done, and that YOU will get your fanzine a day or two later.
Quite an adrenaline rush.
Three times a year.
For the 89th time.