Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The World Is Yours: Yes, we have the 'Classic Rock' magazine package to look forward to, but the album itself -
also has a bonus DVD with -
The recording of 'The World Is Yours' album documentary -
including 30 minutes of live footage from the Manchester Apollo show (16th November 2010),
the acoustic 'Ace Of Spades' track which Motorhead recorded for the Kronenbourg TV advert, and the Kronenbourg TV advert itself.
PLUS: the videos for 'Get Back In Line' and 'I Know How To Die.'
The album will now be released on 8th February, 2011.
Good eh, all for £7-99 post free.
Mine's on order!
As far as I can gather, the Classic Rock CD will just have a very basic insert. The insert 'proper,' which will include photos, lyrics, etc; will be with the 8th February official album release.