Friday, December 17, 2010

'The World Is Yours' In Silver Vinyl: 'The World Is Yours' Motorhead album has to be their most confusing to date. Copies of the Australian release are for sale on EBay, and Klaus Fabry in Germany tells me he has also bought the standard release of the album, (out here in the UK on February 8th), from his usual high street retailers. This makes sense on Klaus' part, as it ties in with the tour dates in Germany, but of course, the album, whether it be the Australian or the German release, doesn't have the DVD promised for the UK.
And then 'Motorkent, MHB Kent Age Julnes, over there in Norway, has the CD and the silver vinyl LP release, (mentioned here in a previous Motorblog), which makes everything even crazier, as presumably the vinyl will be released in the UK with the CD of the album (and DVD), in February?
It's a bit like Kenny Everett doing his bowler-hatted 'Confused from Ipswich' comedy sketch. But as long as we get the various releases of the album we are after, eventually, I guess that's all that matters.