Friday, December 17, 2010

Classic Rock: Despite many of you emailing to say your Motorhead edition with 'The World Is Yours' album has arrived, mine is still in transit.
On Tuesday, I think, Paddy Campbell over there in Drogheda, mailed to say his had arrived. As you may remember, Amazon seemed to get their knickers in a twist by telling us it wouldn't be out until January, and the general consensus thought they mixed up the Classic Rock thing with the album release.
So, as cocky as a rat with a gold tooth, I cancelled Amazon, and ordered from HMV, who were supplying it post free, a bit of a bonus. But after hearing from Paddy and looking at my HMV order, which told me they were 'awaiting stock,' I cancelled it, and ordered again from Amazon. It is now on its way.
Nothing so complicated, however, for the Classic Rock Jimi Hendrix special edition, sporting a documentary DVD narrated by Slash. For this, I found it on Amazon, clicked to buy, and it's on its way. I think this is a DVD of the recent doc shown on BBC4, and if so, will be well worth having, thank you very much.
And speaking of BBC4, their 'Britannia' series of doc's is continuing this evening with 'Festival Britannia,' so be prepared for an excellent hour or so, along with interviews with our good buddy, Mick Farren.