Saturday, June 30, 2007

Motorblog Fast Train To Clarkesville: In his review of the 'Fast Eddie Clarke Anthology' in the current issue of 'Classic Rock,' dough-bag, Malcolm Dome, must have spent longer thinking up that (quite good) title than he did writing the album review. What the f**k is the man on? Absolutely nowhere in the History of Rock does it say Curtis Knight was a drummer! Yet in his review, Dome claims he was; obviously, even if he didn't know, if he'd read the sleeve notes or had even a modicum of rock 'n' roll knowledge, it would have been obvious. (Probably his dumb thought process went along the lines of: Curtis Knight = Jimi Hendrix = coloured musician working with JH = Buddy Miles = drummer) - duh, wrong guy, Dome!
Also obvious, Dome claims Eddie's Continuous Performance tracks have ex-Be-Bop DeLuxe Charlie Tumalhi on bass. Yes, Pete Frame's 'Rock Family Trees' says he was around during some of the rehearsals, but not on this album! Duh! Read the sleeve notes, twat!
Dome annoyed me in 1983 when he bitterly slagged off 'Another Perfect Day,' and yes, he may have admitted, (on the 'Motorhead Videobiography' DVD and in the 'APD' re-issue sleeve notes), that he was wrong, but he still shit on Motorhead at a time when they needed positive reviews! At that point it was Robbo head-hunting time by the critics, and yes, he dressed like a fucking girl, but it didn't take away his excellence playing live or on that superb album.
Dome also slagged off the 'Rock 'n' Roll' album in its day by saying 'Don't go out and buy this!' Yet now he believes he's redeemed himself by admitting he was wrong, twice, he then fucks-up big time yet again with dunderhead statements in Fast Eddie's review. It's difficult to understand how this dolt has survived in the music business for so long as a reviewer / critic when he clearly hasn't a fucking clue what he's talking about.
In one of his horror novels, Shaun Hutson, (at Dome's request), cast him as a villain who was shot - I think he actually deserves to be - at dawn!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Motorblog Paul Inder: If you're here reading this and don't know who he is then you shouldn't be here reading this. He has a track on titled 'You Don't Own Me' on which he plays guitar and his father plays harp, bass and keyboards.

My thanks to Sarmad for making me, and now you, aware of it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Motorblog Justin Case: You came in Blogside rather then through the website, these are the dates for Germany: November 22nd Haus Ausensee, Leipzig, 23rd Elbmarschenhalle, Elmshorn, 24th Pier 2, Bremen, 26th Messe Congresscentrum B, Stuttgart, 27th Palladium, Koln, 28th Zenith, Munchen, 30th Thuringenhalle, Erfurt, December 1st E-Werk, Saarbrucken, 3rd Columbiahalle, Berlin.
Motorblog Inky Tales: Saturday we were priviliedged to be invited to a Ruby Wedding and a Retirement party locally, and John and Yvonne were celebrating both events together. 40 years is pretty good going these days, and they had spent 30 of them in business, printing; and for 25 of those years, (and hence the reason behind our invitation), they had been churning out our Motorheadbangers Fanzine.
Normally, this would be one of those oh no! Now I have to find another print shop moments, but luckily, Dave, who had been with John and Yvonne for 27 years, took on the business; so things will carry on in much the same way.
For this, I am grateful because they know what I want by now and are familiar with they way I work as much as vice-versa; but it was such a relief when Dave took it on as it'd have been hell trolling around places trying to get another deal. And it would never have been the same, and it never would have worked quite as well as it does, and we do so rather well together.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bloatermog The Web Of Spider: Just in case you missed the (long) message from Philthy Animal Taylor in the 'Motorheadbangers World' fanzine, (shame on you, join now at about his new band, The Web Of Spider, you can Log On to and have a listen for yourself.
There are four tracks: The Web Of The Spider / Jesus Eyes / Dreamin' / and The Got, which are exceptionally great and deserve another four being recorded and the eight released forthwith, (or even fifthwith). Band members are Whitey Kirst, Max Noce and Phil - Log On and enjoy 'em now!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Motorblog Motorhead Royal Festival Hall: A great show on Saturday, need I say more? Well, you'll have to wait for the August fanzine for the full review, and as ever the issue will have everything a fully-fledged Motorheadbanger needs for his or her thrice yearly fix of all things Motorhead on the printed page - subscribe today on the Link within this site to make sure of your copy; or if you've arrived here from Blogside.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Motorblog Better Motorhead Than Dead: A new Live double-digipack album due for release on July 16th, from the 30th Anniversary show, I believe...
Tracks: Dr. Rock / Stay Clean / Shoot You In The Back / Love Me Like A Reptile / Killers / Metropolis / Love For Sale / Over The Top / No Class / I Got Mine / In The Name Of Tragedy / Dancing On Your Grave / R.A.M.O.N.E.S. / Sacrifice / Just 'Cos You Got The Power / (We Are) The Road Crew / Going To Brazil / Killed By Death / Iron Fist / Whorehouse Blues / Bomber / Ace Of Spades / Overkill. have it on pre-order along with the cover shot.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Motorblog Now It's Raining: and the birds in the garden sound pretty happy about it, they've been queueing up to get a drink from the pond for a few weeks, so it's Gene Kelly time out there now.
My cousin, Richard, sent me a couple of jokes, one was about a couple arguing over who should make the tea/coffee when they get up in the morning. The wife was adamant it was the man's job, stating 'It says in the Bible men should do it!'
Of course, the husband protests and asks for proof.
The wife gets out the Good Book and points to the page headed HEBREWS.
Another one is a real life joke about a Vietnamese guy I used to work night's with, named Thanh, who went to Amsterdam with a friend to sample the grass. They sat in a cafe and smoked a joint each, looked at one another and laughed. Thanh said 'Dutch grass is over-rated! What are they taking about?' They walked out into the street and the effects hit them, Thanh said 'We couldn't fucking walk! Couldn't even find the fucking hotel!'

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Motorblog Motorheadbangers Portugal: have just set up a Blog which looks pretty good I reckon. Take a look and with 2 gigs there over the next couple of days they'll be smiling!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Motorblog All Day I Face, The Barren Waste, Without The Taste Of Water, Cool, Clear, Water: Or so Frankie Laine sang on a record, a 78, I think, from my youth. And it seems, once again as if it, or more like the lack of it, has been Lemmy's downfall yet again - see and my thanks to MHB Vitus McD for finding it.
In Lemmy's defence, though, I have to say I am equally unwilling to drink the darned stuff. But during my December hospital stay they were forcing it down my neck, and having a catherter bag, they can measure exactly how much you've taken in by how much comes out. And if enough didn't emerge they would dish out a fairly strict bollocking, putting in the final punch by saying 'The more you drink, the quicker you'll be going home!'
My wife, Jane, brought me in bottles and bottles of squash, and I had to force it down my neck. Of course, they serve tea and coffee also and, as I may have mentioned, this was where I changed from years of drinking coffee, to tea.
But in the past Lemmy drank the infamous 'Special Brew,' which obviously gave him more liquid to sweat out onstage, so maybe he'll be inclined to imbibe a few more beers on tour to help stave off the problem?
Motorblog Happy Birthday and Congratulations: to Henry Allingham, who resides here in the South of England, he is 111 years old today. When asked to what he owes this longevity, he said: 'Cigarettes and whiskey!' Rock on, bro!
Motorblog A Youthful Looking Lemmy: And quite rightly it cannot be 'Saved' to our own files due to Copyright, but it's great as a Link and illustrates why the women love him - with such boyish innocence, even!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Motorblog Videobiography - The Review: Has been posted on Search 'DVD' then Search 'Motorhead Videobiography.'
Motorblog Lemmy Bounced Back: Just heard Lemmy has recovered and Motorhead will be back at the Sweden Rock Festival June 9th. Whew! Panic over...
Motorblog Lemmy Health Problem: Skew Siskin, special guests on Motorhead's French Tour, issued the following statement on the message board:
'Maybe you already know this, but this Sunday in Luxembourg, just after soundcheck, Lemmy, Motorhead's leader had a very serious health problem and had to enter immediately in a clinic. The show in Luxembourg had to be cancelled and also the rest of the tour. Skew Siskin is on his way back to Berlin and will not be able to assume his show in our club on Thursday. Of course they will be back at first possibility. Purchased tickets will be refunded where been bought. Let's cross fingers for Lemmy.'
Wishing Lemmy a fast recovery from Motorheadbanger's Worldwide.
Please check with venue regarding future gigs before you leave.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Motorblog Absolutely Capitol (One): Their last advert on the telly had the two blokes at a business lunch and one had the woodpecker pecking at his head. The one before had the two girl jogger's and one of them had a bloke clinging to her ankle as, like the woodepcker, an indication of the hefty interest charges on other credit cards they couldn't get rid of.
So you remember those, right.
In both advert's we are asked "So what's in your wallet?" to which the whole of the United Kingdom joins in with one massive anthemic voice: "F**k all!"
But the new Capital One advert really makes my sides split with laughter. My wife and son think I'm completely bonkers, but our friend, Liz, gave me a badge a while back stating 'I'm Not Normal,' which I wear on me denim, so everyone knows this anyway.
The new Capital One ad has three little stick-down monsters, and as the 'other cards' naff interest rates and / or the time they have to be paid off in is spoken, so the monsters fire off into oblivion. But it's the voice of the final monster, the green one, I think, which makes me roar with laughter making everyone agree I'm not fully compos-mentis. When asked at first I couldn't put my finger on why I found this "Aaaaaaaaggghhhh!" so funny, but I think it's because the voice sounds very much like Spike Milligan would have done for a 'Goons' sketch - and it just makes me fold up!