Saturday, June 30, 2007

Motorblog Fast Train To Clarkesville: In his review of the 'Fast Eddie Clarke Anthology' in the current issue of 'Classic Rock,' dough-bag, Malcolm Dome, must have spent longer thinking up that (quite good) title than he did writing the album review. What the f**k is the man on? Absolutely nowhere in the History of Rock does it say Curtis Knight was a drummer! Yet in his review, Dome claims he was; obviously, even if he didn't know, if he'd read the sleeve notes or had even a modicum of rock 'n' roll knowledge, it would have been obvious. (Probably his dumb thought process went along the lines of: Curtis Knight = Jimi Hendrix = coloured musician working with JH = Buddy Miles = drummer) - duh, wrong guy, Dome!
Also obvious, Dome claims Eddie's Continuous Performance tracks have ex-Be-Bop DeLuxe Charlie Tumalhi on bass. Yes, Pete Frame's 'Rock Family Trees' says he was around during some of the rehearsals, but not on this album! Duh! Read the sleeve notes, twat!
Dome annoyed me in 1983 when he bitterly slagged off 'Another Perfect Day,' and yes, he may have admitted, (on the 'Motorhead Videobiography' DVD and in the 'APD' re-issue sleeve notes), that he was wrong, but he still shit on Motorhead at a time when they needed positive reviews! At that point it was Robbo head-hunting time by the critics, and yes, he dressed like a fucking girl, but it didn't take away his excellence playing live or on that superb album.
Dome also slagged off the 'Rock 'n' Roll' album in its day by saying 'Don't go out and buy this!' Yet now he believes he's redeemed himself by admitting he was wrong, twice, he then fucks-up big time yet again with dunderhead statements in Fast Eddie's review. It's difficult to understand how this dolt has survived in the music business for so long as a reviewer / critic when he clearly hasn't a fucking clue what he's talking about.
In one of his horror novels, Shaun Hutson, (at Dome's request), cast him as a villain who was shot - I think he actually deserves to be - at dawn!