Monday, June 25, 2007

Motorblog Inky Tales: Saturday we were priviliedged to be invited to a Ruby Wedding and a Retirement party locally, and John and Yvonne were celebrating both events together. 40 years is pretty good going these days, and they had spent 30 of them in business, printing; and for 25 of those years, (and hence the reason behind our invitation), they had been churning out our Motorheadbangers Fanzine.
Normally, this would be one of those oh no! Now I have to find another print shop moments, but luckily, Dave, who had been with John and Yvonne for 27 years, took on the business; so things will carry on in much the same way.
For this, I am grateful because they know what I want by now and are familiar with they way I work as much as vice-versa; but it was such a relief when Dave took it on as it'd have been hell trolling around places trying to get another deal. And it would never have been the same, and it never would have worked quite as well as it does, and we do so rather well together.