Monday, June 04, 2007

Motorblog Absolutely Capitol (One): Their last advert on the telly had the two blokes at a business lunch and one had the woodpecker pecking at his head. The one before had the two girl jogger's and one of them had a bloke clinging to her ankle as, like the woodepcker, an indication of the hefty interest charges on other credit cards they couldn't get rid of.
So you remember those, right.
In both advert's we are asked "So what's in your wallet?" to which the whole of the United Kingdom joins in with one massive anthemic voice: "F**k all!"
But the new Capital One advert really makes my sides split with laughter. My wife and son think I'm completely bonkers, but our friend, Liz, gave me a badge a while back stating 'I'm Not Normal,' which I wear on me denim, so everyone knows this anyway.
The new Capital One ad has three little stick-down monsters, and as the 'other cards' naff interest rates and / or the time they have to be paid off in is spoken, so the monsters fire off into oblivion. But it's the voice of the final monster, the green one, I think, which makes me roar with laughter making everyone agree I'm not fully compos-mentis. When asked at first I couldn't put my finger on why I found this "Aaaaaaaaggghhhh!" so funny, but I think it's because the voice sounds very much like Spike Milligan would have done for a 'Goons' sketch - and it just makes me fold up!