Saturday, May 26, 2007

Motorblog Rich Deakin: Has been a good friend and ally longer than he's been a Motorheadbanger. Much of the reason behind this apparent lapse is due to writing a huge book titled 'Keep It Together - Cosmic Boogie with The Deviants And The Pink Fairies.' It should have been published a month or so back but hasn't seen daylight just yet and, if you know a little about either or both of those bands you might guess Rich's task was by no means easy.
Deviants and Pink Fairies were both the brainchild of Mick Farren, and Rich asked him to write the forward for the book, which he did. But Mick's colleage and lifelong good buddy, Andy Colcohoun, wrote some music in his LA studio and asked Mick to read the Forward over it; and it's titled 'Ladbroke Grove' and sounds just like this It's well worth a listen and you can also click for some pink Fairies Live At The Roundhouse music on the same site.
The book is on Amazon if you Search 'Rich Deakin' and I feel sure he'd be pleased if you pre-ordered a copy.