Sunday, May 13, 2007

Motorblog Miss Marple And I: Yes, the Agatha Christie Miss Marple, indeed, (for more info go to the Wikipedia site and search Jane Marple), and with most if not all of the 10 Miss Marple books on film, they have been televised recently with varying actresses in the starring role, Joan Hickson, in my opinion, being the best (but they're all very good!)
What I enjoy about the Miss Marple films most is the era in which they were set, and more especially, the settings in the village of St. Mary Mead. If not in the geography sense, then the old cars, tradesmen and people on the old bicycles of the day, the village shops and the immense attention to detail with the clothing reminds me, in many ways, of this village of Upton as it was in my very early youth.
And agreed, human nature can't have changed much as Miss Marple is always investigating one or more murders, but in many other ways it was such a time of innocence, a time when a Big Mac was a large raincoat, and people smoked cigarettes but were not frowned upon for doing so, and indeed, didn't die from the effects. And not only was it a time of innocence, it was a time of friendship and the people of the locality getting along with one another. These days friends and neighbours don't have this friendship in such great abundance, but they had it back then because it was just after the war. Unfortunately, when there is a war, everyone, much like the weather, has to suffer it, and thus everyone spoke to one another and got on well as it provided a common ground. These days, other than the weather, there doesn't seem to be any common ground whatsoever, and generally, people just don't seem to bother if they are friends with anyone or not.
But over the last 30 years I have been fortunate enough to find this kameraderie within the Motorhead fans I have come to know through my role in the band's fan club. And yes, the common ground, of course, is Motorhead, and if not always on a personal face-to-face basis, we converse and email and sometimes tip one another off about new releases and re-releases and where they can be found, via this Blog, and also on the Message Board.
I must say, though, as I have to take daily walks lately, I've noticed, quite obviously, by travelling on foot how many more people I meet than I did in the car, and, I'm pleased to say, many have become new friends to stop and talk to, or maybe even just good to know if only on the nod of the head and a cheery "Good morning" basis. Also, now that we are being asked to help take care of our environment, if we walk around our locality instead of jumping in the car, not only will it cut down on the emissions, it may even help win some new friends, neighbours and / or acquaintances into the bargain.