Thursday, April 26, 2007

Motorblog Feeling Loath: to write any Blogs for fear of you guys missing the info on these knockout vinyl releases below, but at the same time find I'm pinching myself wondering why said vinyl has crept back into my life when once I believed it dead and buried for good.
With the advent of CD I hastily sold the majority of my vinyl whilst the price was good and yes, have, on more than one occasion, regretted the move severely.
But I kept some of it, and in tandem also ensured the hi-fi with a record-playing facility was always available, so maybe I wasn't too convinced after all?
And now we seem to be going in much the same direction with VHS video, and as Blogged last week, even our original DVD's seem to have a rope gradually tightening around their neck in favour of HD DVD!
Well, some folks out there can still play the old 78 rpm records, and I have several friends who own Juke Boxes that play the vinyl 45's; so regardless of trend and fashion, maybe none of it will ever fade away completely?
Both of these vinyl releases below stem from Germany, and there it seems vinyl has never truly died. Virtually every CD release gets 1,000 also pressed in vinyl, and this increases pro-rata with the popularity of the band. And the reason the German's will not let vinyl die is quite simply because whatever your opinion, it does have quite an amazing sound that even the CD can and will never quite capture. It also has the fabulous 12" sleeve art and, for those such as I whom enjoy savouring a wide variety of fragrances, vinyl has a wonderful odour all of its own in comparison to the all-too sterile CD - which can only be paralleled, perhaps, to the devine smell of a steam locomotive vs the diesel.