Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Motorblog Reason Behind Their Madness: Our local Asda store has the whole of one side of an aisle chock-a-bloc full of cheap DVD's. £5, £3 and even £1 each they are attractive and there are some great movies up for grabs; and I expect some of the other major shops like HMV are kicking them out just as cheaply. And they are going out the doors by the trolley-full!
Well, even though it only seems like 5 minutes ago since DVD replaced video, they are now out-of-date.
Yep, absolutely and completely out-of-date!
Why again?
Very soon, well, 2012 isn't it, (?) we're going to have to own an HD TV or we don't get any TV full stop!
That's clever marketing isn't it, talk about grab you by the balls, talk about not having a choice any more; talk about George Orwell being right (again!) and we won't go near the July 1st smoking ban (again) either.
So to match your HD (High Definition) TV pictures and sound, you're going to need HD DVD's to match - hence the reason they're kicking out the 'old stock cheaply' right now.
They haven't told us outright quite yet that HD DVD's are going to cost £20 odd each have they?
Well, they'll drop in price eventually I suppose, but the whole thing is yet another reflection of this recent world of ours where we don't get the opportunity to make choices any longer, we are just told what will happen and are expected to fall in line whether we like it or not.
George Orwell indeed.
Motorhead's first HD DVD will be 'Stage Fright.'