Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Motorblog EBay Fiddle: It's one of the commonest occurences when bidding on EBay. The item starts at maybe 99 pence, then, as the closing hours grow closer bids come streaming in and the price gets hiked up to £30 or £40.
This happened to me on a Motorhead item recently, when it reached £37 I baled out of the bidding.
Of course, someone else won the item, or so I believed?
Two days later I get an eMail from the seller saying the top bidder coudn't pay and would I like the item anyway?
Take a hike, buster!
What was happening was, our seller had asked a friend of his to bid and hike up the price.
But then, by baling out, I caught them with their trousers down.
They thought I'd bid again, but I smelled a rat and didn't.
So, take care when bidding for stuff, and if each time you bid someone comes in over you, bale out and give 'em he finger. The item will come up again some day, patience is a virtue, especially to the CD collector.