Saturday, April 07, 2007

Motorblog Hot X Buns Indeed: Just read Mick Farren's and he mentioned "back in the UK they will be having Hot X Buns" and it's obviously one aspect of living in LA he's missing.
But my wife, Jane, arrived home from shift at our local Hospital yesterday to say that, (after 17 years of working there, and it happened every Good Friday, until now), the patient's are no longer going to get their Hot X Buns.
It was tradition!
It was what happened!
When one of her colleagues asked "Where are the Hot X Buns?" she was informed: "The Hospital Trust has decided not to provide them as it might upset or offend patients of other ethnic backgrounds / religions."
Excuse me?
I'm pretty open-minded about everything, but this is OUR country!
What ever happened to When in Rome, do as the Roman's do?
They need not eat the darned Hot X Buns if they find them offensive, so why should their choice of living in the UK and using the hospitals stop others, whose tradition it is, from doing so?
Even though religions vary, God must be pretty much the same geezer, mustn't he?
When we visit or migrate to other countries, we are expected to embrace their traditions and culture, so why do we have to change ours to accomodate them?

Mick Farren also quoted an excellent site if you enjoy looking at pulp fiction and paperback book covers from the past: