Saturday, April 07, 2007

Motorblog Tat-Too Confused? It's not difficult to confuse me sometimes, I admit, and after having a good look through 'Motorhead Forever' on the band's website I'm wondering why our tattoo'd MHB's send me their tattoo photos for publication in the MHB's World fanzine? On the 'Motorhead Forever' pages they are shown in full colour, yet in the fanzine we can only manage to do so in black and white.
No doubt it is the pride, and tattoo'd people, especially tattoo'd Motorheadbangers, are very proud of the artwork portrayed on their bodies and are happy having them shown via any medium available. Every photo featured in 'Motorhead Forever' is quite something, and anyone who has been a Motorhead fan for some length of time will be familiar with those belonging to Thomas Huls - who's been featured in the band's 'God Save The Queen' video, amongst others, showing off his Motorhead body art. They are a credit to those to whom they adorn, so when you're leafing through those on 'Motorhead Forever,' take a look, not only at Thomas', but also those belonging to Peter Wagner and Kerry O'Neil, they are quite something, too - but there again, aren't they all!