Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Motorblog Tea Again: Mentioned tea drinking back in September 2006. Then, during my stay at Southampton hospital late last December, around 2am the nurses brought in a tray of tea cups; and they'd brewed up in a tea pot. Although a confirmed coffee drinker, I suddenly fancied a cup of tea made in a pot, and after making it obvious I was awake, I blagged a cuppa. It was glorious.
Back at home, I began drinking tea again. As a fan of quiz shows, 'The Weakest Link' being one such, we always catch the tail-end of 'Ready Steady Cook' when we sit down to watch it. Host, Ainsley Herriott, happened to say something about tea, and added: "Darjeeling is the champagne of teas!"
In Asda a few weeks back, Jane and I remembered this and went to the tea section. They had some Darjeeling tea bags, and after my encounter in hospital, Jane had bought us a tea pot and we had been using it with the PG Tips. But I must say, after drinking Darjeeling, I have to agree with Ainsley, as none of the other teas are even in the running. Give Darjeeling a try, and you won't go back to 'the usual stuff.'