Thursday, March 15, 2007

Motorblog It Does What It Says It Will On The Can: At one point I couldn't imagine having a website. Then Sarmad created one and I responded positively. The 'Home Page' portrait, though proud of it some 30 months ago has now become, for me, somewhat jaded - a bit like looking in the mirror when you get up - yuk! (Well, that's what I think when I look in the mirror when I get up, anyway).
Our front garden has come under flood for as long as I can recall, and with a view to moving on at some point, (this is a half-acre plot and although it's down mainly to lawn my health no longer permits easy upkeep); I have made it a priority to get something done about it. The water, you see, arrives in our front garden from 5 or 6 adjacent properties, (these things must be declared these days when a property is sold), and a couple of weeks ago whilst shopping at Asda, I bought one of those 'throw-away cameras' to photograph 'the lake' as and when it rained.
And the weekend before last, it did; in torrents.
So we took pictures, and I wrote an explanatory letter to the local Council asking what we can perhaps do about it between us?
But there are 27 shots on the film, and we've only used 8!
We took pictures of Pickles, our almost 19 year-old cat; and after about 6 shots she was as bored with the idea as we were.
"Oh, take some of me then!" I told Jane, "I need to change the Home Page photo on the website, that one is annoying me now!"
She did so, and some were with the cat (again).
And although our good friend George Chin would laugh at the efforts, they're not bad for a £2-30 camera.
Sarmad will be uploading them onto the site shortly to appear as a 'slide-show.' The pictures might frighten a few young kids, but they're just a bit of fun and a change from 'the norm.'
(Who you calling Norm? My name's Alan!)