Thursday, April 19, 2007

Motorblog The Bee's Knees: With Mick Farren reporting in the LA City Beat about the lack of bees in America, (see ), there doesn't seem to be the same problem here in the UK?
At the top of the garden we have a 25 ft pear tree currently laden with blosssom and fairly humming with bees during the best 'sun-kissed' times of the day, which at present, is most of it due to its size and location. The words 'sun-kissed' were chosen after reading a between-the-wars beekeeping library book several years ago now, which told how bee's move around the garden following the nectar warmed by the sun's East to West travel.
So is this extreme lack of bee's Mick Farren is chuntering on about exclusive to the USA? Is it something Chris Carter might like to look at as a worthy storyline for Mulder, Scully, Riaz and Doggett to investigate as an X-Files episode?
I sincerely hope so as I am quite a big fan, and both Farren and Burridge would like some answers!
The Truth Is Out There - Somewhere.