Thursday, May 03, 2007

Motorblog More Dates For The Band: Well, we have one every year, so on this year's, being 7-7-07; Motorhead play the Stravinski Auditorium at Switzerland's Montreaux Jazz Festival, no less, something of a first there and quite an achievement for the band.
Then, in August they play two dates as part of Japan's 'Summer Sonic,' the first at Maeshima in Osaka on the 11th, and then at the Chiba Marine Stadium in Tokyo on the 12th.
If you check out the full itinerary in the 'Fan Club' section of this site, along with the by now familiar November UK dates the band are pretty busy from here on right the way through the year.
My thanks to Sarmad for keeping that part of the site up-to-date.