Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloatermog Facebook: Several friends and MHB's have tried to encourage me to sign up for this Facebook thing, but I have never been keen. There was trouble from the off with a situation arising at my wife's workplace when one of the lads made a comment on Facebook about the female boss; and her husband took exception to it and was going to find him and "give him a good hiding!"
Another friend and his wife joined, but seem to spend most of their evenings and weekends answering the hundreds of emails connected to the darned thing, which in my busy life there is no time for.
They've got a PC each with a web-cam perched on the top, and one of her male contacts, after seeing her face on numerous occasions, asked if she could "stand up and give us a twirl?" She did so, and when she looked again he had taken his old chap out and was waving it around at her on the PC screen: charming I'm sure. And then that same bloke, or perhaps another one, asked if they would like a threesome? They said they didn't, but he added; "Well, if you ever change your minds..."
Is it all really worth it?
Is Facebook really just another disguise for dogging?
And what's 'Twitter'?
Presumably an up-dated version of the Blog?
But on the rare times we visit any of the numerous bursting-at-the-seams pub's around here, plainly the clientele are obviously not Facebook or Twitter fans; otherwise they wouldn't have time to eat out for the mountains of emails they ought to be replying to.
There's my web site which Sarmad makes a champion job of keeping up to date and looking good, and my own emails via which I correspond with quite a few and I can contend with, and that'll do very nicely, thank you.