Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloatermog We Mustn't Forget: Wittering on about brain-numbing commercial break adverts; those which are a joy to sit through must not go unsung.
The No: 1 Advert accolade, I reckon, must got to the 'Hovis' bread advert.
It's extremely well thought out, expertly filmed, and it cleverly takes the young lad through every major event since the 'Titanic' sinking. There's a Mk 1 Cortina in there as well, and local MHB / friend, Eddie Evans, and a photographer by the name of Ric Saunders, motored around a few dates on the 1980 'Ace Of Spades' tour in mine. It was in 'Goodwood Green,' and I loved it and cherished it, but it still let me down.
On the day of the Portsmouth tour date, the battery died, or so I thought. Bought a new one, not easy money to find with daughter, Natalie, then aged 3, and son, Steven, about 2 months. Fitted it and it still wouldn't start, even by trying to bump start it. Called the RAC, told them we HAD to get to Pompey. The RAC man on the other end of the phone must have cupped his hand around the mouthpiece to laugh with his mate: "Here, there's this c**t on the phone who thinks we're gonna go around to his house and get him started!"
When he began speaking again, I said: "Look, mate, this c**t here heard what you just said, so if you don't get my car fixed within the hour, you will be reported! I've paid you for 3 years and never called you out, and now I need you, you can't help! I'm stranded, and we MUST get to Portsmouth. If I was in Portsmouth and wanted to get home, you would do it, I'm at home and I have to get to Portsmouth; what's the difference?"
My, Oh, My, didn't he change his tune!
My sphyncter shone like a diamond!
A recovery van arrived within 45 minutes, the car was fixed, and off we went to Pompey.
Sometimes, I think that call must have started the 'Home Recovery' service!