Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bloatermog Grumpy Old Man: And whilst on the subject of TV adverts, why must they advertise tampons and pads? "Have a happy period" they say, well, I've never met a woman yet who has or does. These things don't need to be advertised on TV, leave them for the women's magazines. Do we men care that the applicator has been improved for easy insertion? Do we want to see something resembling a pin-ball rattling around the wings and flute-shute of a panty pad? The answer is a resounding "No!"
Thank goodness us blokes don't need anything for our private parts, I dread to think what the adverts for would be like. Agreed, the human body is the most complex chemistry factory on the planet, and the female more complex than the male; but women don't have any option but to buy the tampons or pads they need; and they'll decide which at the chemists or supermarket; they don't need advertising on the telly.
MHB Paddy Campbell tells me Rick Wakeman will be taking me on for his 'Grumpy Old Men' series following my observations, but the reason Mr. Wakeman originated the programme was due to stuff like this, which is pretty distasteful in my book; or am I being a bit of an old fashioned c**t?
One of the funniest adverts, I reckon, is for 'Mikado' biscuits; which look like those 'sparklers' on bonfire night. You must know the one, where the Japanese / Chinese chap eats one whilst doing his photocopying. The Japanese / Chinese young lady wants one, but they're on a shelf which she can't reach. So she climbs on the photocopier to get one, and slips. The man, apparently, has left something in the photocopy room, and returns to find her with her knees straddling the copier screen. He looks at her as if she's weird, and she looks at him with a guilty expression, as the machine is making photocopies of her gusset / crotch; and all she wanted was a 'Mikado' biscuit! Whoever thought that one up needs an award.