Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bloatermog Commercial Breaks: My wife says I'm cracking up. MHB Jimmy McCarthy agrees some of the TV ads are on much too often and the can get on your pip. But the thing I have noticed about this 'advertisement overkill' is that so many of the damned things are for car insurance. As if it wasn't bad enough having that idiot in the blue jumper hopping around on the icons like a fool on the 'Go Compare dot com' ad, but now he has been superceeded by an even more nauseating twit of an opera singer. Luckily, he's not on as often as Mr. Blue jumper, but nevertheless the 'mute' button gets a swift hit. I detest opera, you gather.
Yesterday, though, was a prime example of car insurance overkill. Babysitting my youngest granddaughter, Amy, as my wife is on Jury Service and no one else was available, (and yes, I did my bit nappy changing for my kids, so a grandchild is no different), I had one of the 'Kids' TV Channels on for 5 hours. Yes, we went in the garden for a while, and yes we played 'stickle bricks,' too, but she was a bit under the weather with a tummy bug, so we watched perhaps four-and-a-half-hours TV.
Every advert break without exception had those two red telephones dancing around for the 'Direct Line' advert. Yes, they KNOW grown up relations are there with the kids watching this channel, but Direct Line are probably on EVERY channel during EVERY commercial break!
OK, I am not a Direct Line customer so it's not my money they're spending, but with the absolute landslide of car insurance ads we get in the commercial breaks, it's easy to see that we are PAYING FAR TOO MUCH for our Insurance, otherwise these firms wouldn't be able to afford SO MANY adverts.
Wouldn't t be great if they stopped advertising and dropped the price to Insure our cars, homes and contents.
But they won't, because that's too sensible!
It's much the same with these Loyalty Cards, too. If I had every loyalty card offered, I'd need 3 or 4 wallets to keep them in. Why not just make the products cheaper? It costs money to make the plastic cards and the associated paperwork and postage telling you how much you have 'earned' this month (eg Tesco); so why not do away with it and cut the price of the food?
But they won't, because it's too sensible!
Think I'll become a dedicated BBC viewer where there are NO ADVERTS!
Or switch the effing thing off and read a book!