Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloatermog Do We Really Care?: Son, Steve brings home 'The Sun' and 'The Star' from work. Fellow workers buy them but don't take them home as some wives don't like their husband's looking, or perhaps even drooling over other womens boobs. The fact that those boobs are just dots on a piece of paper making up the picture doesn't seem to matter, if she caught hubby at the local lap-dance club then I'd understand; but a picture in a newspaper? Obviously it must be a class thing - "Oh, we don't read newspaper's like those!"
So I see the newspapers when Steve brings them home, and I rarely see anything beyond the front page headlines because at my age I have become bored with the 'who's screwing who?' revelations these paper's provide their readership with; (are we supposed to give a s**t? Will it change our lives?) And unlike Steve, I am not a sports fan, (other than darts and a bit of snooker), so the football results or which team has bought whom doesn't mean much, either.
I also see those same front page headlines when I buy the local Bournemouth Daily Echo at the Co-Op, as like every other newsagent across the world, the daily rags are on display. And just lately there have been a great many days when my heart has been lifted when the front page headlines are about Katie 'Jordan' Price and her relationaship with Peter Andre; because if THEY are on that front page, that means everything else in the world must be OK. There can't have been any soldier's killed in Afghanistan, there can't have been any earthquakes or tsunami, there can't have been any famous celebrities murdered etcetera.
And I mentioned this to the lady, who is also in my age group, who takes my 40 pence for the Bournemouth Daily Echo. "The world must be good today, it's only Jordan on the front page again!"
"Yes," she smiles sweetly back at me, "and we don't care about what she's doing, do we!"
And the truth is, no, we don't; but obviously she sells newspaper's.