Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bloatermog It seems: Yesterdays comment about 'Waking The Dead' has created some interest in that observant MHB, Stephen, noticed Motorhead's 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' track was played either in whole or part during one of the earlier episodes. Yet now, 30 years on, with forensics having advanced in leaps and bounds, Lemmy's wonderful song-title now holds little water. However, it is, was and always will be an excellent song, and we can do no more than to continue enjoying it as part of Motorhead history, because the title had become something of a quip among us all; and back then, they couldn't tell the tales they are now able to.

America, according to the local 'Daily Echo' here, will soon be banning smoking in ALL public places; but, the newspaper quickly adds, the UK won't be following suit; but, certain sections of Bournemouth and other local beaches ALREADY carry a 'No Smoking' policy. This 'ban' was brought into play presumably because people were fed up with getting dog ends caught between their toes, and having wafts of smoke running underneath their noses like latter-day 'Bisto' kids. I suppose, if someone was thoughtless enough not to put their cigarette end out, it could also cause a burnt foot, or if sitting down, a burnt bum cheek. Yet again this stretches the point about how Orwellian society is becoming, yet someone drunk and rolling around the streets picking a fight / shooting people/ throwing up / damaging vehicles / whatever seems to be acceptable? People do not go out on cigarette and smoking binges, nor do they become 'nicotine louts;' what will this planet be like in 100 years' time?