Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bloatermog And The Answer Is: Right, the answer to my TV commercial break madness is to Sky+ everything and fast-forward through the adverts and miss them completely. This happens with the Trevor Eve detective series called 'Waking The Dead' which is a bit of a favourite. When the programme is first shown on BBC1 it's on for 2 hours, when it's repeated on Alibi, it's 2.5 hours, so we suffer 30 mintes of adverts for every 2 hours of good TV.

As a point of interest, Tara Fitzgerald, who plays Dr. Eve Lockhart in 'Waking The Dead,' took a break to play the lead role as a stalking victim in a TV film titled 'U Be Dead.' It's about a woman who stalked a couple, and threatened them so violently they put off their wedding and eventually split up. The story was also the subject of a documentary called 'Stalkers' which was shown, and sometimes repeated on the Crime channel; and this particular case happened mainly around the Poole area, and the female subject is a friend of the family. The female stalker went to incredible and previously unimaginable lengths to break the couple up, and as the title suggests, sent text messages threatening the lives of the couple and their families. Nasty, but it will make an interesting yet poignant film.