Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloatermog Organised Woman: Have you ever noticed on the X-Files how organised Scully seems to be? She dashes around as she does but we never see her with a handbag. Is she, perhaps, the most organised woman in the world? My wife is much better lately, probably as she has seen me on the brink of despair when she's 'lost' - the car keys - her purse - her lighter - her make-up etcetera. And often they can be found in what I call 'The Tardis' - her handbag. On one occasion the cat dipped her head inside it, and had to be pulled back, because things go into it, but some are never seen again. It's like a black hole. One one occasion there was a Coronation mug, a 1921 edition of the 'Radio Times' and a Japanese POW from the Korean war in there. But Dana Scully seems to manage without that cumbersome black bag which we trip over a dozen times a week, and often 'disappears' as a complete item and gets 'lost,' presumably in a time-slip which only the male of our species can see. Well done, Scully, but I bet you always have one with you in the 'real world.'