Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bloatermog March Or Die: There was an 'Earth Summit' or whatever yesterday on the News where all the countries of the world got together to talk about how they are cutting down on pollution to save our planet.
The President of The Maldives said that things are not happening fast enough, as his islands are fast disappearing as the volume of water on Earth increases due to global warming.
Even here in the suburbs of a town like Poole in Dorset, the traffic, gridlock and congestion between 08.30 and 09.00 is ridiculous due to parents having to 'Taxi' their offspring to school rather than use the transport provided.
What are they so scared of?
Some wierdo snatching their kids?
Getting cold?
Getting wet?
Those same awful threats and the inclement weather still applied when I went to school, but most parents couldn't afford a car so it was the bus, a push-bike, or walk - which were far more Ozone friendly, even though such words did not exist at the time.
But Lemmy Kilmister's poignant and biting lyrics to the 'March Or Die' song are still ringing true, and every day we're getting all the more closer to seeing them happen.
The President of the Maldives was right in what he said, but at this point in time no one but he and his people give a flying fig.