Friday, October 28, 2011

'Within Spitting Distance': was written next, but the publisher ceased trading, so it was finished, but left on file. At that time, it was titled 'Poised To See Paradise,' after a quip made on one of the CSI Miami TV series, by Horatio Kaine. Used in the story as Detective Inspector Ray Cake was but 3 weeks away from retiring when the murders began, he was 'poised to see the paradise' of retirement, so it seemed apt. But when it came to publishing it as an Amazon download, I wasn't keen. When the more earthy and English sounding phrase of 'Within Spitting Distance' sprang to mind, it came across as being far more suitable, as Cake was 'within spitting distance,' as we say, of retiring.
The photo on the cover was taken of the exact beach as described in the opening chapter, but under different weather circumstances. Nevertheless, as one of the bodies was removed from the scene in a small rowing boat, it was sheer coincidence that one such appeared in the photo. After watching the man walk onto the beach and ready his rowing boat, a woman with two dogs was strolling along, right in the way, and I didn't think that she would have been out-of-shot in time to catch the deserted beach and the oarsman, but I was lucky.
Again, the story began as a picture in my mind of that beach, (which we have taken the kids and grandkids to, many times), with bad weather, and someone walking their dog, and finding a body part. Most body parts, like hands, feet, ears, eyes, etc; have been found on beaches, but never a man's penis; so I thought, why not let the dog find a penis on the beach?
It's a great story, well worth reading, and you don't need to own a Kindle to download it - as the tips on this page have all the answers -