Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Guttersnipes': came next. Working a night shift at a local factory from 6pm until 04.15 am, we stopped on for an hour's overtime. 05.15 was a better time to get home, as the family were stirring for their day shifts. It is the nightworker's evening in their topsy-turvey world, so I'd watch TV, or read, and then drink a can of strong lager in about 20 minutes, and go to bed. That would knock me out until around 3pm, time to start the ritual once again.
There was a bloke there on the day shift, named Jason, and he was all right, but his build and demenour gave him a thug-like persona, and this led to the 'Jason' character on the story. The Jason in the story inflicts torture if necessary, and enjoys doing so with glee, and does so on occasion to those unfortunate enough to upset him. It's a full-on story, with the boss of the local drugs cartel as Jason's boss, along with corruption, lies, deceit, heroin overdoses, you name it.
It was a joy to write, and I still enjoy reading it now.
When the cover artwork was originated, the bloke doing it had never heard of a Guttersnipe, and he went outside and took a photo of the gutter at the roadside to add to the 'gun 'n' roses' theme of the overall look.
And then there's Kim and Brett getting mixed up in it, and the police, and the story would make a knockout TV film / drama.
Jo Nesbo would be proud of this one, but it's mine.