Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Violent Society': was the next book published. Society has become more violent, some blame computer games, lack of discipline at home and at school, and the abolition of the death penalty, amongst many more.
With most if not all of my stories, I get cinema-like pictures in my head of what is happening, and I write them down. In Chapter One of this story, the 'pictures' arrived as a bus driver being shot, and the vehicle travelling onwards, and crashing through a fish and chip shop, with boiling oil going everywhere.
As always, it was set in my home town of Poole and the surrounding area, but as the cover states, it could have been set in your town, or any town, because that violent undercurrent is prevalent everywhere nowadays; unfortunately.
My old school friend, Eric Billett, took the front photo of Rockley Bridge, in Hamworthy, (which is part of the story), and also designed the lettering for the front cover. It's a great story, and like the others, I am still proud of it.