Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Dark Eyes' - Crime Thriller by Alan Burridge: If we get married, the photos cost a bomb. Digging out ours for the eldest grandchildren to look at recently, we found a cheap exercise book in the box. It contained a diary of the daytime honeymoon activities, during our week staying in London. Writing for as long as I can remember, this is my earliest surviving written work, from December 1973.
'Dark Eyes' was my first attempt at a full-length novel. Written during 1997-98, I went to the trouble of visiting two Poole CID detectives, to ask for information regarding their proceedures. There were some dark things hapening in our lives at the time, and they reflected strongly in the story. The CID men told me that they did not divulge police preceedure of any kind, as every case was different, and would be handled on an individual basis. They also said that they didn't want writers' like me giving away their secrets to the criminals, so as long as it was believable, I could write whatever I felt fitted the story.
When the opportunity came in 2001 to publish it, I held it back in favour of my second novel, 'The Message,' as I feared that 'Dark Eyes' was too psychotic, and evil.
At the time that it was written, it probably was. But I feel more comfortable with it now, twisted and gory as it still is.
It's on Amazon UK as a budget priced download crime thriller -
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