Monday, October 17, 2011

'The Wizard's Last Spell': and 'Dream Reapers' were the two next books to be published. The monthly writing magazine which I subscribed to at the time, had run a feature on 'Dime Novels.'
Dime Novels were slightly under A6 sized paperback books, published in America, with the idea of selling them at supermarket checkouts, as a "last-minute-purchase." Each novel was a 20,000 word story, and 12 per month, each of a different genre, would be published. So, I wrote 2 stories in the hope of publication, 'Last Spell' was in the fantasy genre, and 'Dream Reapers,' sci-fi.
After sending the manuscripts across to America, a month or so later, they were returned. But I was lucky that they were, as the Dime Novels company had ceased trading. Apparently, the idea of ladies carrying one of these books in their handbag (purse), and men carrying one in their breast shirt pocket, to read whenever they had a few minutes spare, didn't take off.
Again, though, I was fortunate, as I sent (about $25, I believe?), for a presentation pack of the first 6 books, and I still have them, and they are cute, and I think, were a great idea.
After expanding 'Dream Reapers' to 60,000 or 80,000 words, I published it as a novel, but it has not been re-published as a download for Amazon, as there is no 'Word' document file for it, and there's no way that I'm going to re-type it, as I don't have the time nor the inclination.
'The Wizard's Last Spell,' however, has been re-published as an Amazon download in its original 20,000 word format, and 11 other short stories have also been added, to make it more worthwhile, and novel-length. I have often described it as "Iron Fist meets Red Sonja,' and it's still a nice read.