Friday, October 14, 2011

'The Message': was the next book. It was based on my take on the unfortunate Jill Dando murder. Convinced from Day 1 that she was murdered by a Hit-Man, who had fled the scene long before her body was discovered on her door step; when they arrested Barry George, I kept screaming at the newscaster on TV - "No! That's not him! You've got the wrong bloke!"
The book wrote itself, as they say, and I spent every available minute of my spare time writing it, as it poured out, as if someone was telling me what to write.
When it was finished, and published, Barry George had been convicted, and was serving a sentence which ended up seeing him as the scapegoat that he really was. Other strange things happened, which led to adding a Part 2 to the story, and republishing it as 'A Conspiracy Of Silence,' which the whole thing was.
'The Message' has an excellent review on Amazon, and the reviewer got it right, because either or both are superb stories which, once started, you just can't put down.
Now, of course, the world knows that this miscarriage of justice, which I was trying to get across to everyone to tell them of Barry George's innocence, is true. It was a Hit-Man, and he / she will never be found, but thankfully, Barry George won his final appeal, and has been free since 2009.

The Message -

A Conspiracy Of Silence -

The Hit-Man in the story, is named Eddie Taylor, a mix of the Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor names. He is actually based on a man whom Jane and I knew very well, and worked with, named Gerry Bugden, who has now passed on. This was my shot as an epitaph for him, as he had that mysterious, gangster-like look about him; and he was a 10-Pin bowling pro in real life; and his lady was named Trish.