Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Bewitching Times': Working at a local electronics factory at the time, and about to go to the Canaries on holiday, a colleague said: "I have always imagined there to be vampires at Upton House. How about writing a story based on that while you're away?"
Upton House is about half a mile away, and is just situated in Poole, and it has the look. Sunning myself, and drinking copious amounts of draught San Miguel beer, I imagined vampires flying in to Upton House over the ferry at Sandbanks, on their way home from feasting on drunken late-teens / early twenties prey in Bournemouth.
But no, I wanted them more human, and vampires flying is a myth, anyway, so I decided to humanise them, and mix them in with our village witch, in a battle. The being of our village here, was awry, and the vampires at Upton House were burning up, as their time-clock had gone wrong, and they were not getting back before sunrise; and believed it to be the work of the witch. Likewise, an area covering the village supported no wild life, no birds, no ants, no worms, no nothing, and the witch believed it to be the work of the vampires; so battle began.
With bodies dissappearing, the local police are involved, and it's another fine story...